Journey Log 2 English

This week in class we had to do to our first raid. This started out to be very challenging for me. I had to think about failure that I have encountered in my life and write about it. I don't know about you, but personally, I do not like writing about myself, especially if it is about the failure.

Not only did I have to think about the failure that I have experienced in my life, but I had to specifically think about it in a game situation. During my childhood, sports played a main role in my life. I was constantly running from practice to practice or game to game. I experienced failure, but I did not have a big enough failure to write about. I had to dig deep in my past and think about a failure that I was comfortable to write about. That's when I remembered the beginning of my travel soccer career and how I failed at the beginning.

This was still hard for me to write because I would rather ignore my failures and learn from them instead of remember them. Push out the bad thoughts has always seemed to work for me so why keep your bad memories around.

This led me to become open and have openness to my failures that I have experienced before. I began to look more into my failures and what I could have done different to make sure that I succeeded in the first place. This led me to realize that I have more failures than I initially thought I have experienced. This assignment led me to become open and accept the fact that failure is okay and that it is a learning process and not always a bad things. Since I have been in college, I have realized that everyone fails. Everyone struggles with certain things and that failure is apart of everyone's life. This helped me realize that it is better to be open with your failure, then it is to shut out your failure.

Also this assignment led me to be more creative. Through this assignment, I was allowed to go away from the standard five-paragraph essay and it was like a whole new world to me. I was allowed to have freedom to write and I could be creative and do whatever I wanted with my paragraphs. I was allowed to be creative with my thoughts, instead of being strictly three points and then a transition sentence to the next paragraph. This class just keeps opening my eyes to how creative I can be.

Through this assignment, I learned how to be flexible. The professor told us to procrastinate with this assignment and do it last minute. I was not prepared for a professor to say this because normally they want their work to be your priority. Well I can officially say that I procrastinated to my fullest ability. It was due Thursday at 9:30. On Wednesday night, I knew I had to do it but I kept putting other classes work first, knowing that I was advised to procrastinate. After I finished all my work, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I did not think that I could form one sentence on a paper without falling over. I had to get some sleep. So, I went for the night and decided to wake up at 5:30 AM to write this for my class. I forced myself out of bed and into the library. I sat down and I began writing. I was shocked, but I actually wrote this assignment pretty easily. I was not sure that I was going to get it done in time for my 8 AM, but I got it done with time to spare. I was shocked but I felt okay about my work and I regret nothing.

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