Christopher Columbus


  • Columbus was born October 31st, 1451 and died May 20th, 1506
  • Columbus was a sailor and went on his first voyage in 1476 and his last in 1502
Columbus's voyages

Sailing Career

•He was rejected by many nations before Spain agreed to fund him in his voyage across the Atlantic

  • Columbus was trying to find a faster route to East Asia for trading purposes

In 1492 he finally sailed across the Atlantic and was one of the first to the new world

  • When he got to the new world he thought he was in India, so he called the native americans "Indians"

Interesting Facts

  • His three ships on the first voyage were named Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria
  • Columbus brought the first horses to the new world on his second voyage
  • He died in 1506 thinking that he discovered a shortcut to China, not knowing that he actually discovered a whole new world!!
Columbus's death
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