The battle of the labyrinth By rick riorden

This books genre is fantasy
In this book Percy tries to live a normal life for the forth year in a row after finding out that he was a half blood. At his orientation to a new school he destroys the place and runs for his life with his friend anabeth to camp half blood. Later on the go into a unground labyrinth and come across a some old friends enemies and allies. They find that the lord of time is coming to destroy Olympus.
I would recommend this book to Camden because he understands the book series and Greek myths.
"The Battle of the Labyrinth," the fourth in the series, is a glorious, no-holds-barred adventure with great plot twists, a melding of ancient and bionic technology and a cliffhanger ending that will have fans eagerly awaiting the fifth and final showdown between gods and monsters next year.

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