Chemist By Darren Summers

I have chosen to research a career as a chemist. This career interests me because...

The nature of the work

The nature of work would consist of mostly laboratories. Depending on how much research would be conducted some work in libraries.

Working conditions

The working conditions for chemists are usually clean and well lit environments.


The attire for the job would be a lab coat and under nice clothes.

Training and preparation

Some training and preparation would be to go to college and get as low as a bachelor's degree.


The typical earnings depend on the degree and experience. It can vary anywhere from 41,350 annually to 122,830 annually.


Starting off chemists start with basic research but can advance to group leader.

Job outlook

A first look at the job shows employment rates are going up but much slower compared to jobs of that nature.

Related occupations

Some related occupations are biochemists, organic chemists, and physical chemists.

Final Judgment

This job is inaccurate for me. Through research I found it is a very hard job to get, to get a maximum salary it is 8-12 more years of school. The employment rate is too low to invest in. Finally, it doesn't seem to have a very expansive advancement.


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