designbuildBLUFF an experience exploration

The desert is a magical place. A humbling place. A place of deep canyons and high mesas. A place of large sky and big earth.

there is a deep beauty in learning outside. learning through using one's body as the mechanism for remembering.

building process

sometimes a journey is not just the distance traveled but the skills acquired along the way

sketchbook examples
the needles district \\ canyonalands national park

It is a very rare thing for architects to fully actualize their projects. How lucky we are to have this experience? To learn how to build and make our ideas come to life. This is something we will carry with us for the rest of our career but more importantly, our life.

hard work
DBB 2020 // Four Peaks
all final images are provided by Janie Lundgreen
a final contemplation
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Perry Martin


Perry Martin Janie Lundgreen