Asking for and offering ASSISTANCE Erika OPPERMAN

“The Self-Sufficiency Syndrome, as Collins calls it, is characterized by an inability and unwillingness to ask for help or delegate because of the belief that no one can do it as well as you can"(13).

“society is often considered a do-it-yourself for anything and everything. It is the norm and even encouraged"(13).


When wanting to have the courage to ask for help, it is beneficial to use the ACT formula. First, figure out what you are afraid of. It is necessary to gain awareness of what scares you that's holding you back from letting someone know about your situation. Next, it helps to let go of trying to be in control. The world has a lot of situations that you can't be in control of. It helps if you let go and ask others to help you instead. You can't do everything on your own. Lastly, learn to trust yourself. It is important to trust that you can let someone else help you handle the situation. Trust yourself before you can trust someone else.

“Sometimes it can seem as difficult to offer assistance as it is to ask for assistance. And sometimes it’s just a matter of thinking more about yourself than about others"(14).


Helping others can be used in many ways. When you see someone struggling or simply just want to be kind to someone, ask if they need help. To be able to be comfortable with offering help. It's easier if you practice by asking family or close friends. Some people just need you to listen to be able to feel better. Just keep an open mind with no judgement. You don't even need to give feedback because some people just need to rant to someone.

Me Offering Help

My mom had a really busy day yesterday since we are traveling for spring break this week. She had to run around after work to get things and pack, but didn't have time to clean and pick up the house. My sister and I noticed this so we asked her if we could help by doing it for her. She agreed happily and we were able to clean while my mom got things done outside of the house. We knew my mom liked to feel at ease after vacation and having the house dirty when we come home wouldn't help. So that's why we asked her.

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