SouthEast! 5B By Eli and Brian!

STATES: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia And West Virginia!

Average Yearly Temperatures: Usually In the upper 50°f and the lower 70°f. So Bring A light jacket!


Extreme high Temperatures:. It's About in the 100°f to 112°f SUN SCREEN

Extreme low Temperature: -40°f to -2°f Bring Like 9 Coats and hats!

Average yearly precipitation: Southeast gets an average of around 50 inches of precipitation.

How is climate tracked: they use temperature and precipitation records to define what a place's "normal" climate is like. They do this by averaging 30 years of temperature and precipitation records.

The Southeast is a lot warmer and milder in the winter than its northern counterpart, with winter temperatures averaging in the 50s during the day. In the summer it is in the 90s. Fall is a bit later and spring a bit earlier than in the Northeast, with cooler temperatures generally prevailing in mid-October and spring going into full gear by March.

The common types of weather in the southeast are: Drought, Heavy rain and flooding, Hurricanes, Heavy snow events and snowfall, Lightning, Tornadoes, Extreme Heat.

An example of a famous weather event in the southeast: Hurricane Hugo was a powerful hurricane that caused widespread damage and loss of life.


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