BRAMPTON IN 2041 Faizan MAlik


Urban sprawl is the uncontrollable expansion of urban areas. This is a big issue because the land is being wasted because people want their own "big" space.Also these houses are taking away agricultural land. My solution is make a big apartment that fits all of those people then put a swimming pool and restaurants inside it,this will be very effective land-use because its multi use instead of everything being separated and wasting land.Also this will be m ore appealing to people living in houses because it will be a convenient lifestyle This will free up a lot of land space for recreational areas.


There are lot of problems with transportation in Brampton like the shelters for bus stops,the lighting are very poor, traffic congestion,loss of public safety, space. My solution is they make an underground road, they start on the road and go through a tunnel. There should be lighting in the bus stop, there will be a exit from the tunnel at every stop.This will help all the population growth coming in the next few years, therefore lessen traffic/congestion.


Waste is a big problem in Brampton, 1 tonne is being generated per person each year. My solution to help manage the waste is give companies an incentive ($) to be more eco-friendly, as soon as other companies see the incentives they are getting for using better material to reduce waste they will be on board with this idea.This helps reduce the waste and not affecting the companies as the same time. Restaurants are one of the biggest producers of waste because of all there products are packaged with paper. This will surely help reducing waste.

Brampton will not be sustainable in 2041

it wont be sustainable because of all of the issues like transportation and garbage/waste, but with my solution, it will ensure a more sustainable lifestyle in 2041.The population is already almost a million, imagine in 2041.


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