Final Reflection As spring term comes to a close

Dear Professor Moody:

During this term I learned a lot about academic research and found that for me, utilizing Adobe Slate and trying to keep more facts and less anecdotal information out of my compositions appear to be the most difficult thing to implement. Even with all of that, I have found while doing this class that writing didn't have to be long boring essays. As I have tried to do in all of my essays but found the Downloaded essay to be the one I like the most, I also believe that even with all of the struggles that I had in this class it has been very informative and fun.

Still Need Work

The struggles

I really enjoyed learning to write for computer screens and digital composition. My favorites were background color, font and size of font, and how short the text sections are. My least favorite and the area I struggled with was finding an appropriate video and inserting it into the text in the correct spot to match the material being discussed. In Essay 2, Downloaded, the video I really wanted to use I couldn't make it make sense in the context of the paper so I had to use one that I had already seen somewhere else online. I started with an interview that wasn't in the movie and that didn’t work as well as I thought in my first draft, so I changed it to the YouTube clip from the movie for my submission. Then in my paper on Water I inserted video about water situations in other countries including Australia to impress the global part of the issue on the readers and I’m still not sure about that insertion. It fits, but not completely to my satisfaction.

More Facts Less talking

Of all the things that I struggled with, I think I still really need to work on trying to ensure I keep more factual data in my assignments and less anecdotal information in them. I just can’t seem to manage to get past putting in my own experiences and then I run out of time and room for anything else. In Essay 2, Downloaded, I put in way too much anecdotal information and I still haven’t figured out how to remove the majority of it.

Accomplishments - believe you can and you will

The Best - Maybe

I think that if you are looking at the Option essay you can see how well I did on just going with the flow of my thought process and being creative. I feel that my strengths are not necessarily the best for this particular venue as far as writing is concerned because I’m more creative and less fact driven. That doesn’t tend to translate well in a paper that is supposed to have a lot of facts and research in it.

Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. Get a little bit better every single day...

I did enjoy this course. I learned a lot about how to do research and how to put the research together in a cohesive manner. I learned how to show the research off using fonts, backgrounds, video, and smaller blocks of information. I learned a lot of things from this course that I wouldn’t have without the support and encouragement of my classmates through the encouraging discussion posts on module assignment and your feedback on each of the essays where everyone pointed out areas where I could improve and areas where I was doing well. I hope to further utilize these skills in my career and personal life. Thank you for showing me that creating essays could be creative as well as informational.

Thank you


Amber Horner


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