Hurricanes By: Imani Monroe

What is it?

A hurricane is a huge storm created by water vapor condensing to form clouds and rain.

Where does it occur?

In the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Eastern Pacific Ocean, they are called hurricanes. In the Western Pacific Ocean, they are called typhoons.

How often do they occur?

According to NASA, approximately 85 hurricanes occur worldwide each year. Not all hurricanes are harmful or damagaing though. Some might not cause much harm, but some buildings might be broken down.

Lightning in Sydney

Severity levels

There are 4 stages to hurricanes. Stage 1: tropical disturbance . Stage 2:tropical depression Stage 3: tropical storm Stage 4: hurricane. There are 5 categories to hurricanes also. Category 1: 75-96 mph. Category 2: 96-110 mph. Category 3: 111-130. Category 4: 131-156. Category 5: 157 and higher mph.

What causes hurricanes?

Hurricanes are caused by water vapor. That's like the "fuel" for the hurricanes because it releases the latent heat of condensation when it condenses to form clouds and rain, warming the surrounding air.

Natural disaster prediction

Well after hurricane Matthew, Otto looks like it might be hit next by a hurricane. The recent reports from NHC say that their closet to the hurricane intensity. The slow movement of Otto will add to this hazard and for areas of Nicaragua, rainfall could be excessive and lead to large flooding .


Some people use old fashioned weather satellites and apes I ally equipped planes to predict if hurricanes were coming. NASA has drones and unmanned aircrafts to the country's arsenal of hurricane-hunting aircraft.

Natural selection

If animals dye during hurricanes, their population could be over. So if it was a green beetles that just died there wouldn't be any more green beetles. Same thing with people, if someone just died and they had no offsprings (kids) there generation would be over. Sometimes hurricanes can help the environment.


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