The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

In May 1993, a horrible tragedy happened in the Robin Hood Hills, which is located near West Memphis, Arkansas, United States. Everyone in the the area was terrified when they heard the huge news of the three elementary school boys being murdered. Stephen Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore were murdered and killed. Their bodies were found by a shallow creek, also near a very busy high way. About a month later, three teenage boys got questioned about the murder as well accused and arrested for "committing" the horrible crime.

The three teenagers that have been accused for the murder crime (left) and two of three of the murdered boys' bodies (right).

There has been some type of evidence that proved that the three teenagers were guilty, however many people disagree and believe that there should be more research done as well as proof before arresting the three teenagers.

Damian Echols, age 18.

Damian Echols was one of three of the teenage suspects that was accused for the murder of the three innocent boys. He was accused due to the fact that he worshipped Satan and always wore black. He was a different kind of person in the neighborhood, just like the other two suspects. They were all sent to prison, however Damien was sentenced to death. Here is a video from 2014 of Damien talking about his life at the moment, after being released after 18 years in prison and 78 days of death row.

Echols continues to state that he has never committed the crime, however he had to suffer in prison for almost 20 years.

Jessie Misskelley, was sentenced to life plus 40 extra years in prison.

Misskelley had a lower IQ than a normal person, it was stated that he was mentally retarded, which was a reason why he was accused of the murder. He was sentenced to life plus 40 extra years in prison, although many believe that he was not guilty. He suffered his years in prison and was finally released after 18 long years. Here's a video of Misskelley in prison.

Misskelley stated that he has no committed the crime either, there was no proof of his DNA at the scene.

Misskelley's quote from the video above.
Jason Baldwin, suspect 3 of the murder.

Jason Baldwin got arrested at the age of 16. The evidence that the police had was that Jason had long hair, and had many black heavy metal t shirts. Jason was also a friend of Damien, therefore police thought there. Baldwin was sentenced 18 years in prison, just like the other two teenagers. Baldwin became a writer and shared more information about it in the video shown below.

Baldwin was very strong and positive while in prison. He started writing to express his feelings and everything he has been going through. He wants to spread positivity and show that hope is important.

The three men were released from prison after 18 years in 2011. They tried to stay strong and prove that they are innocent and should not be sentenced to death for something they never did. The police of Arkansas suspected these three people for this horrible crime because of what they looked like, wore, and what they believed in. Paradise Lost is a documentary that shows how innocent people could be accused for crimes they never committed.

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