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March Was Sweet!

The FGT Pi Face Challenge Wraps Up

A Final Slice of Pi…

Thanks for spending your Pi month with us–we’re rounding it out with a compilation of all the wonderful videos you posted! Your challenges were a delight to watch, and they helped get Family Giving Tree’s name out there to your community; thank you so much 🥧 There’s still 2 days left, which is more than enough time to get some whipped cream and spread awareness of STEAM educational equity wherever you are!

Watch the short (and sweet!) compilation video of some hearty, pi-facing supporters! So much whipped cream - so little time...

Delamore's Delights: Delectable Delicacies

Celeste's kitchen where good smells and tasty treats abound.

½ of our dedicated Boba Bringer Team is on vacation in Alaska for the next two weeks, so we’re taking time to shine the spotlight on another very important sugar staple at FGT. Celeste Delamore, this week’s staff feature, is a veritable confectionary wizard. Generally, there are two ways to realize that Celeste has made some incredible baked goods:

  • A warm, delicious smell fills your nose as soon as you walk through the door
  • There’s a gaggle of smiling FGT’ers packed in the kitchen, snacking on or exclaiming about whichever delicacy was brought in that day. (Normally, the two go hand-in-hand.)

A few years ago, Celeste began selling the homemade jams and jellies she had been creating and passing along to friends and family. In 2018 she decided to test her wares and entered a selection of preserves in the Santa Cruz County Fair - and won two blue ribbons! Her business -- Delamore’s Delights -- is just getting started. While she gets ready to launch her website, you can learn more about her incredible confections and preserves by sending her an email.

Staff Feature

Celeste Delamore, The Agency Authority

While everyone at FGT has a deep appreciation for the 500+ agencies we support, Celeste Delamore has a special connection with each and every one of them. As Agency Coordinator, Celeste reaches out to, and receives referrals for, Bay Area agencies and schools who support the members of our community in the most need. But her work doesn’t end there; FGT works to maintain year-round connections with the agencies we aid in our drives, and Celeste is the one who makes that happen. She’s been with FGT for 13 years, and her deep commitment to the organizations we support is apparent in her extensive interview process, which she uses to update our processes every drive.

It’s important to all of us (and we know you’ll agree) that wishes and backpacks are being responsibly managed, and that the needs and wants of those most marginalized are being accurately fulfilled. The agencies and schools we work with are experts at supporting their communities, and we want to make sure we’re honoring and learning from that experience. Since FGT works with over 500 agencies and schools, the interview process is a very long one that requires the help of diligent, curious volunteers. If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to become an agency volunteer, please email volunteers@familygivingtree.org.


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