I bequeath to thee... Senior Wills

Mansfield High School Band Presents

2020 - 2021 Graduating Seniors

Analisa Gonzalez

Bethany Sparks - you get the mom box (even though i never technically had it lol ur welcome)

Madi Puckett - the flute of death. again i never technically had it but it was willed to me and... anyways now its yours!

Gabby Johns - my driver’s license since APPARENTLY I'm a bad driver or something...smh (also a free pasta primo if u visit me at work)

Hanna Bethany - infinite luck, love, and light for your senior year and the rest of your life <3.

Floyd Gray - all my sick dance moves . you’re welcome buddy. Tear it up next year.

Flynn Wight - unlimited swag forever (not that u need it).

Kimberlyn Schwartz - my clout goggles and 172304x good luck in all things you do!!

Chris Alvarado

Zach - I leave you my South Park knowledge and My Authoritah.

Madeline - I leave you my senioritis, my marching skills and I bestow the nickname of MADELINEEEEEEEEEEEEE HOLLANNNNNNNND.

Elise - I leave you my dollar quote, the mass inflation of Zimbabwe, and the other half of the heart.

Katie - I leave you my goofiness, my deal with lampshades, and the power to pass chemistry.

Madison - I leave you my knowledge of The Sandlot, Mighty Ducks, Cool Runnings, Sandlot 2, Tom and Jerry, and I give you the War song of the Belly drum.

Brody - I leave you my awesomeness, my marching shoes, and my knowledge of Darth Plagueis the Wise.

Divine and Bobby - I leave you my will to keep doing marching band. 2021-2022 Band- I hope you guys have a great year and a good season.

Maddie Limon

Preshooo- READ THE ROOM....also know your place :) but seriously you better think of me every time you see the colors Red, White AND/OR Blue!

Saly- You’ll always be my favorite Egyptian who is over a year younger than me! (Hopefully)

Alyssa-Literally nobodyyyyyy is looking at you...you’re the one with the staring problem

Chloe T.-Congratulations!!!! You now have the title of well...... I think we all know (OO) Have fun Mrs.P!!

Joley- Thank you soo much for always helping me out. I couldn’t have asked for a better basket maker/ Co Captain. You’re going to do great things next year!!!

Purple People- Not to be bias butttttt I think we can all agree that I had the best team this year.... Ahahah, but in all seriousness thank y’all for making my senior year great!!! Alsooooo I ACTUALLY have y’all’s gifts, like for real this time:))

EG- Y’all are the only reason I have friends and I can’t wait to rave this summer!!! Alsooo we WILL be eating lunch at Market Street before I leave :)

Kyle Francis- My undying swag.

Roy Peters- My green and ugly straight horn.

Kayla Butler- My height.

Josh Everhart- A very Happy Birthday.

Justin Kutrabala- A single sock.

Jeremiah Forte

Preston Coatney - I leave the rights to Sr. Gains.

Abigail Salem

Joley Young: Persistence. You have a passion for color guard that I hope shines through during any difficult times to keep you focused on the results.

Emma Sagebel: Shine. You have such grace when doing movement that I hope you shine in the spotlight for each performance.

Libby Skaggs: Leadership. You have a drive and commitment that I hope leads you to a leadership role in band or Guard.

Lindy Ladwig: Smiles and Laughs. You have a great outlook and spirit that I hope brings you all the smiles and laughs possible through your senior year.

Saly Khater: Focus. You have so much talent in you that I hope you stay focused to show everyone how amazing you have always been.

To the Guard: Confidence. There are great things that lay ahead for the MHS Color Guard if you put in the work and stay dedicated. Remember...COUNT.

Grian Wizner

Kris: I leave you my sabre and my boba keychain. I also leave you my rifle gloves, for you to use or for you to see as a reminder that you can do whatever you set your mind too.

Marissa: I leave you my Hamilton hoodie and my motivation to spin. Lastly, I leave you leadership, for you to pass down to others in your life, and for them to pass down too.

Libby: I leave you everything rainbow I own, as well as every gift card I’ve never used. I leave you with my strength to fight anyone who tries to make you fail.

Allison: I leave you my broken rifle as motivation to keep looking forward and for decoration. I also leave you my twenty one pilots hoodie from the concert we attended.

Madison: I leave you all my dance costumes, in hopes that one day you will fit into them. In addition, I leave you my confidence to never back down.

Becca: I leave you my flag silk for you to personalize and decorate it, in order to make it yours. I also leave you as much happiness as I can for years to come.

Jewel Wong

Libby Skaggs- I will you my paper ring because I hate accidents

Marissa Mandes- I will you a compound bow so that you may do the honors at graduation

Kris Wish- I will you my soap so that you may never fully transform into a smurf

Becca Shoemaker- I will you toilet paper in gratitude of you letting me spontaneously laying a dookie at your house

Alli Barnett- I will you dance moves so you can complete our mating call with twice the swag

Madison Blevins- I will you 5 inches cuz heaven knows you need it (you'll always be my Dorito)

Kyra Ullman- I will you a bowl of raspberries, cuz don't forget your aphrodisiacs

Grian Wizner- I will you my heart because I freaking love you

Sydney Shelley

Bristin Ladwig- I leave you my ids, so that you never come to school with out them.

Zachariah Castillo- I leave you my tiara, so that you always feel like a princess.

Grace Holdsworth

Gwyneth Holdsworth- I leave you shifty wizard and baby yoda. Use them wisely.

Gage Mariano- I leave you authentic comida de la aerolínea and better conversation starters.

Flutes- I leave you the piccolo. It is a powerful and mysterious instrument, but more importantly, the piccolo makes it easy to keep that lovely flute angle. Highly recommend, 10 out of 10 rating.

Rising Sophomores- I leave you a hopefully normal marching and concert season full of competitions and football games.

Rising Juniors- I leave you a kind of stress free year, well probably not. When you feel overwhelmed, just remember you have almost made it to the finish line where all of your hardwork will pay off. For the SAT or ACT, invest in Khan Academy. That man is amazing.

Rising Seniors- I leave you a year full of celebrations and happy memories. Cherish these last moments of high school with your friends and family. As you start looking for colleges or future careers, I hope every door opens for you, and you receive many exciting opportunities.

Lena Roos

Aaron Simmons- my Snapchat code

Jacob Price- a sticker, your long hair back, and unlimited amounts of energy. Thanks for always making me smile first semester.

Nathan- my singing abilities

Molly- the ability to keep your tuner on your stand and conversation starters. I’m glad that I got you to talk to me every so often

Noah- the ability to preserve the rest of high school and to never take chemistry again

Maya Ibbotson- a plastic baby

Micah- an apology for never stopping Justin from greeting you in the morning

Graceanne- my ability to play and march

Layla- all of my layers that I would wear to cold practices

Jessa- a honey butter chicken biscuit from whataburger. I’m so glad Sara and I attacked you your freshman year.

Garret- another can of beans but this time only for you

Dylan- the ability to play all of Ride

Madison- being the thiccest girl in band yes ma’am

Alex- a straight leg and my ability to project

Trumpet leadership- you guys got this remember to always have fun!

All of the Juniors- another band trip

Ryan Smeby

Pedro - Functional reeds

Jackson - The ability to show up to band class

Kevin - The last memories of David Wade as the masterclass teacher

AnMinh - The best of luck at region

Josh - Seat 21 on the game day bus

Angie - The best of luck going forward on tenor.

Bryelle - The solo in ride.

Riley - The responsibility for leading the section in Scherzo

Connor - A successful season on drum line

Rest of the section - Good luck on the state year and beyond!

Gavin Froelich


Riley-wade shirts



Evan Hillstrom

Roy Peters- I leave you the Sharknado Hat with the sweat of Cameron, Stephen, and I. I also leave you the Trombone Hype song.

Kyle Francis- I leave you my Uta hat I’ve worn since freshman year. I also leave you my spot on the bus so you’ll finally stop sitting in the front.

Kenneth Delanuts- A hug

Jackson Litchke- Nothin...goofy

Vida Haddad

Presho: I just wanted to say thank you for all the rise he has given me when I didn’t have my car I really appreciate it and keep working hard baes your doing amazing.

Chloe : I hated when you called me Davida but I’ll definitely miss you asking me to watch you toss your Sabre keep your head up love

Sally: Sallerr I’ll miss you so much and your amazing hugs. Keep staying positive

Cadence: I swear sometimes when I have a bad day you’ll say something or do something and it would make me smile so I thank you for that beautiful.

Joley: You remember me so much about myself and your so freaking amazing and beautiful and I’m really gonna miss you. I’m very proud of you and I’m glad that you were one of my captains.

Libby: Girl you’ve got so much sass and attitude. KEEP DOING THAT! Your gonna go far.

Bristin: My ray of sunshine. Oh how I’m gonna miss you girl. Keep being who you are and don’t care what anybody says about you.

Jesse: I just wanted to tell you your amazing and I wouldn’t have wanted anybody else to take my spot, I’m glad it was you.

Kristen: we barely talked but I’ve always seen potential in you so keep going and spread your winds.

P.S. I love you all very much

Riley Smith

Riley Villanueva - my love for band

Jett White - my instrument

David Cortez - my mouthpiece

Israel Laureles - right to yell Amen on the bus

Lemuel - firework by katy perry

Lou Villareal - a better sleep schedule

Matthew Armellino - all of my used reeds

Max Castillo - my minecraft diamonds

Chelsea Chapman - Lemuel’s memes

Jackson - The office socks

Josh Everheart - Dr. Z

Anminh Vuong - Mr. Wade

Maya Tippens - no

Grayson Fleming

Caden Manshack - I leave you my eternal love.

Julio Delatore - I leave you my instrument and all my wishes for great year of band in 2022!

Jackson Litchko - I leave you a collar, leash, and bag of dog treats.

Brennan Trussel - I leave you all my band supplies and a Sonic Buy One Get One Free Footlong Coney coupon.

Kyran Noble

Roy Peters - I leave you the art on back page of my copy of ghost train. Also the ability to finish one piece.

Itzel - The lego riolu in my car that always breaks.

Victoria - I leave you my famous coffee runs before band.

Jackson L - A Juice World x VLONE collab shirt *do you notice me?*

Kenny - I leave you a hug and a blue raspberry slush, with nerds.

Kyle - the title of G.O.A.T.

Jordan - I leave you the handshake we made.

Brenton Arthur Milton - I leave my 24 fitness membership... SIKE

Chloe Ellis - I will leave you some dap.

Joley Young - Same as Chloe, I’ll give you some dap too.

Ally Martin

Preshoo: I bestow the honor of friYAYs upon you! Don’t forget the special editions!! Though Emilia is no longer with us you will always have automatic shotgun. Thank you for helping me fix my face lol.

Salybear: wow I've kinda known you for a while, ig I'll miss you next year, please come visit!

EG: thanks for giving me a group to twin with :P you better hold down the fort next year, you know what to do!! ALSO raves WILL be happening in the near future!! :))

Corbin Zuckerbrow

Madeline Holland- I will you the strength to make it through senior year and your final marching season. I also give you “First” in the first down chant. I give you my marching shoes that I have worn since Freshman year. (Try to wear them at your last game)

Grace Elise Howard- I will you Army Mom and the strength to help train the incoming freshman.

Daniel Mosoti- I give you my mellophone if you want it. It will serve you good... but won’t look good doing it.

Katie Albritton- I give you the leadership position of positivity captain. Keep spreading your joy and happiness to everyone.

Jackson Litchko- I will you the ability to eat peanuts.

Kenneth Delatorre- Please stay in band with Jackson and Brennan.

Brennan Trussel- I will you my train whistle that Grayson stole from me three years ago then finally gave back to me this year.

Horn section- I will you my love for band and to make it through all 4 years of High school band, making the most out of it.

Ruhani Dhillon

Kara Bell- A special place in my heart.

Bethany Sparks- The ability to always make everyone’s day.

Gabby Johns- The will to get through one more year.

Hanna Bethany- A new flute case and lots of love!

Madi Puckett- Lots of hugs and endless amounts of joy

Floyd Gray- The ability to still put up with all the girls in the section.

Kimberlyn Schwartz- A water bottle with a closed lid :)

The Flute Section- An amazing marching season next year!

Morgan Giroir

Madi - The Flute of Death, the section shirt responsibility, ⅓ of a backwards shout, a friendly hello, and support always. Also the ability to get through senior year (you got this!)

Bethany- The title of section mom, the bow box, ⅓ of a backwards shout, a big smooch, and LOADS of patience. Spread kindness always and carry out my obnoxiously enthusiastic energy

Gabby- ⅓ of a backwards shout, a post lunch hug, and endless love and support. I love you gabigail:)

Hanna- All the bus chants (in a lower octave), a successful self timer pic, and a good mornin smile:))

Floyd- The ability to cope with all the girls on senior night

Kimberlyn- A bottle with a LID and uniform #69

Anne- Just one single scream. That is all.

Natalee- The ability to survive marching band without me

Grace- The job of section party hostess ;)

Abigail- .5 of my gameday dance and eternal mediation

Ali- the other remaining .5 of my gameday dance and a crisp $2 bill

The Fluties- an AMAZING 2021 season. I love y’all with my whole heart, and you deserve only the best:))

Josh Marchant

Anminh- I leave you my jazz skills, even though you already have better ones; thanks for being a great leader to the saxes and overall positive person

Linus- I just wanted to say we miss you

Angie- I leave you my 5 on AP Stats, thanks for being a great person

Bryelle- I leave you my love for crocs

Kenny- I leave you my COD sniping skills

Eden/Eileen- bEstiEs, glad to see y'all branch out this year

Joshua Everheart- I leave you the fresh fades and workout progress

Kayla- Alto Sax Mom; appreciate you so much

Madison- I leave you my confidence, keep working, you're doing great things

Maya- I leave you my hard work and dedication that you already possess and shine with

Pedro- I leave you chapstick, because you really need it; love you though

Shelby- I leave you my approval for your pass offs on music

Ryan Harmon- Ryan, I leave you the blood from lip whenever you hit me at that one football game

Angel- I never met you, but I know you're the goat

Jackson- I love you Jackson, truly will miss you bro

Kevin- I leave you my sax tone; even though you sound fantastic, keep it up

Brent Milton

I am willing pedro the title of section dad, some fake vlone, and the responsibility of maintaining the legacy of the Korean zombie

I am willing Jackson a long John silvers tshirt, , Bianca?, and a spray bottle for Aidan

I am willing josh a new lanyard and neck

I am willing Hannah the luck to find a new best friend for next year

I am willing Elliot all the love in my heart

I am willing Austin Nguyen the title of funniest person in the band and the ability to know where you’re supposed to be

I am willing kevii some homie love

I am willing Isaac Simmons some long overdue McDonald’s

I am willing Caden a fist bump and a new goat

I am willing Thompson an awkward hug followed by an I love you

I am leaving lil Smobe a promotion to big Smobe

I am willing Lauren B some cat food for Louie and some chicken minis

I am willing the directors the strength to deal with two Litchkos in band

I am willing Chloe Ellis and Lou V each half of my social skills

I am willing Kayla the remainder of my alto reeds

I am willing bryelle Ryan’s levitating hat from last year

I am willing the strength to survive the grind and the title of Mr Julian’s favorite student

I am willing angel something. I don’t know what bc I never met you but something

I am willing graceanne a greatly needed stress ball

I am willing Riley V a prayer that you’ll finally get a car

I am willing Ryan Harmon the title of THE Goat

Kara LePage

Michael- My sweaty unwashed black wrist bands

Lauren - The title of Drum Line Mom

Kaitlin- My sanity because you might need it

Cason- Shakira; Tentacles will forever be the superior ensemble

Aadil- The toxicity of a section leader, Good Luck Addy!

Stowe- I give you my Canes order: Box combo, no slaw, extra fries, with a Hi-C, because pOgGeRs

Robby- My AMAZING counting skills

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