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I would love to be an actress! They are involved with drama, theater, and films. Even if it wasn't an actress... Just to be involved with a movie would be so fun. $45.39 per hour.
Ireland! I would love to visit Ireland. It would be so much fun. Dublin would be the place I would aim for. I would use hotels and all their inclusions.
Good sanitation. Mopping the floors after spills or just when they are dirty is so important.
A couple of weeks ago we cooked steak to all different temperatures. We were currently learning how to use a thermometer, and what the safe temperature for meat was.
Cranberry Juice! A couple of weeks ago we had a day where we all made different carnival food. I made cranberry juice, mixed with lemons and limes. It was so good! We were currently talking about how each different place has different food to offer and how there are so many different choices.
Diced Tomato
I really want a KitchenAid for my kitchen in the future. My family has one now and it is so helpful and is something that makes baking easier, and more smoothly. You can buy this one at Kohl's for 349.99.
The bubbly cheese bread is probably one of my favorites that we have made so far. The flavors all went well together! It applied to the herbs and spices unit that we were in, trying to figure out which unique herbs and spices go well together.
Pasta salad, and poached pears were so yummy! We were learning about different cooking methods, and these were the ones that contained and required liquids. Poaching and boiling.
The fajitas were for our different cooking methods as well, but dry instead of wet. The tortillas and the meat were all cooked on the stove.
Peaches and Cucumbers are my very favorite fruit and vegetable. You can find them both really anywhere but the Southern US and Western US are very famous for their peaches.
I always was taught to dress up for a job interview and this was the dress that I wore to my own interview for my current job. I recently wore this to church and took a picture for this.
These are Strawberry cupcakes and we made them for Valentine's Day. It was a great way to introduce the unit on fruits and vegetables.
These fruit tarts were so fun to make! Awesome way for us to do a lab for the fruit unit.
Razzleberry Crisp was super yummy! Again it applied to the fruit unit we have been studying and talking about.
This is the traditional formal dinner table setting.
I love to read and whenever I feel stressed the best way for me to calm down is to listen to some soft music and start reading an awesome book.
Our table group made Empanadas! We were studying Legumes and these yummy empanadas were full of beans. I loved the salsa that we made along with it as well.
We made Gnocchi! I have always loved gnocchi and was super interested to see how they make them so It was fun to make them while studying the different things that potatoes are good for.
It was so much fun to make homemade pasta and to try out making them from the dough and with the machine. We made this while learning about grains and the benefits from them.
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