Hola island by: Conner Parham

Q1. What dangers do you see as a person stranded on this desert island? not having the things you need to survive on the island and not getting my priorities straight of the most important things to do first.


Piggy- has asthma(9) wears glasses(9) hes fat(9)

Ralph- 12 years old(10) he is the chief (8) fair (8)

jack- tall(20) bony (20) has red hair (20)

Sam and Eric - twins (22)

Simon -

Roger-not very nice (45)

part 3 : rules 1. travel in two or more 2. don't go out at night 3. share resources 4. clean up after yourself 5. communicate effectively 6. do your job 7. don't kill each other The most important rule is to do your job because when everyone does their job there will be enough resources and things will run smoothly.

Theme : The theme effects the setting by making the theme survival the boys are doing more and more things to use resources and thy have to survive with one another to find a way off of the island

Ralph has said, “This is a good island” (Golding 35). Ralph’s pronouncement will prove ironic; it is definitely NOT a good island. This is an example of foreshadowing. What problems do readers already know about? Explain why these problems prove this is NOT a good island after all. There is many challanges that the island has presented to them. They have already dealt with the problem of getting a big fire going.

Symbols are physical things that represent abstract ideas. The following are some of the symbols from the novel The Lord of the Flies.

- Meat symbolizes the temptation the boys face on the island. - The conch represents law and order - island symbolizes isolation - smoke symbolizes rescue - the plat form symbolizes democracy - Piggy's glasses symbolize survival - painted faces symbolizes anonymity Simon symbolizes goodness - piggy symbolizes civilization.

Describe the Beast that seems to be stalking the island. Use the text as backup for your info. In the text Sam and Eric see the beast they describe it as having claws teeth fur eyes and it started to chase them as they started to run away from it and it nearly grabbed them. When they told the rest of the kids on the island they all had different ideas of what they should do. Jack wanted to go hunt the beast while Piggy wanted to stay there and away from the beast.

Name at least two things the boys are doing or have given up that show how they are now operating on instinct and no longer trying to follow the rules of society. Explain your answers with information from the text. None of them are following the rule about traveling in 2 or more people because Jack has went out multiple times hunting by himself. Also they aren't communicating effectively because they all are just doing what they really want to do and not listening to Ralph because he is the person in charge and none of them are doing their own job because no one is keeping the fire up now.

Two rituals people are most familiar with are weddings and funerals. Pick an event (a wedding or a funeral). Make a list of at least 3 phrases people use at the event you picked. Using one of your phrases, explain why your phrase is helpful in the situation. 3 Common phrases used at wedding's are " I now pronounce you Husband and Wife'' , " her come's the bride " and " I do ''

Choose a character, either Ralph or Jack and explain the effect seeing the Beast has on the character you have chosen. Use textual information to support your answer. The effect of the beast has a different effect on Jack than it does on Ralph. Jack wants to go hunt the beast and kill it for its meat. While Ralph thinks they should leave the beast alone and hunt for other things. Sense they both have different views on how to do things the all split up into 2 different groups. Now they have split up Ralph and his group have stayed near the fire trying to get it up so they can get rescued. While jack and his " savages " are hunting and they kill a pig. Then jack says they should give it to the beast as a gift. Textual evidence: " The head is for the beast, it's a gift. " ( Golding pg, 137)

In life people create groups. These groups might be at school, in sports, in extracurricular activities, and through religious organizations. Explain what needs groups fill for people. Explain both the positive and negative aspects of being part of a group. You may relate this to our novel, or you may make it a person reflection of your own experience. A positive for being in a group is u feel like u fit in with a special group. Also most groups will take up after each other and watch after one another. A negative in being in a group is u get used to the same people and u may not ever relate to anyone else. And someone from another group/ clique may judge u and u won't be used to that.

“Which is better - to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?”

Using this quote, take a stand. Pick a side and explain why your decision is best on this island here at the end of Chapter 11. Don’t forget to use textual evidence to support your answer. Having rules is better than just going out and hunting because when we have rules you can still go out and hunt. And when we have rules everyone is on the same page of what to do. Everyone else also has a job they need to perform. Also they need to focus on other thing rather than just hunting and killing. For example the fire and shelter are important. And with rules they can get along much easier.

" Has everyone eaten as much as they want " ( Golding 149)

This quote means that Jack and his group got meat and has enough for everyone to eat. They also took apart of this pig and used it as a sacrifice for the beast. When the took it as a sacrifice the destroyed the animal. With hunting and killing they can all have something to eat and now they are working as a group to hunt the animals. Also when they are doing something together they are all happy and aren't arguing with each other. But they are split up into different groups so they can't do everything together and plus it is better now because there isn't as much arguing. And sense Jack and his savages can hunt the have all the food they need to feed themselves and even more then enough.

A- This novel was full of action which I liked but some of the kids were boring like piggy for example he was a little annoying in my point of view he would always want to talk and i think they should have killed him sooner because he was useless.

B- I liked it the best when u read to us because i felt like i could follow along better and it wasn't as slow as the little British man.

C- The blog has been pretty fun I liked it because most of the work we could do on our own and we could also work at our own pace.


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