How children were affected by the Vietnam War By: Derek Hunsaker

During the Vietnam War, children were deeply affected by the fighting that went on there and by the amount of "insanity" that went on there as well. The children on the North Vietnamese side of the war faced a lot of problems like some fearing for their lives no matter which side they had to worry about. One of my sources states that some U.S. soldiers stop a flatbed truck and asked the driver if they can borrow some fuel and when the driver consented on their request they siphoned some fuel went out on to a field to a Vietnamese girl that was staked to the ground, poured fuel on here, and set her on fire. Another thing that one of my sources states is that in a massacre that happened on March 16, 1968 between 347 to 504 vietnamese civilians, like children, elderly, and women, we shot and killed by U.S. soldiers which that massacre caused there to be orphans, dead siblings, and other things that would affect a child. The North Vietnamese wasn't better because of what they had children do which made the U.S. soldiers paranoid. One example that happened to a Great Uncle of mine when he fought in the Vietnam war was when there was a North Vietnamese child that was trying to blow up the tank my Great Unlce was in and the kid would have also been caught in the explosion. Those types of events that happened made it where the U.S. soldiers really couldn't trust any North Vietnamese civilians which lead to them killing children, parents, and every type of person that was in North Vietnam.

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