The Snowman By:laney yurek

When the snow comes a lot of good things come with it like friends, family, and fun.

There are three steps to making the perfect snow man; first, you need snow; second, have some friends to help; third, get building.

A nice, tall snow man always make Christmas better.

But, playing in the snow doesn't always go as planned.

We had to go across The lake in our new sailboat, and through the woods to get to our spot.

Jumping into the snow, a piercing scream came from sally.

Sally loves Christmas, however, she loves the meaning of Christmas more.

Sally, where did you leave the sailboat? By the tree, Billy, is the boat.

Our boat, the best one we have, has the best sail.

Sally said "Billy, can you help me build the snowman?"

Billy arrived and it started to snow

Billy, helped Sally build the snow man, and it was tall and strong.

It was now December 25, 2016 Christmas Day.

In Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Dear Sally, I had a lot of fun building the snowman with you yours truly Billy.

In the woods, snowflakes fell slowly.


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