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Jamestown was founded on May 14,1607. It was the first permanent English colony in America,and was named after King James 1 of England. The race to the new world was dominated by Spain, England was determined to found a new colony after the loss of Rowan oak. The voyage was funded by the Virginia Company and private investors. The king granted the charter and had his blessing. The council members where chosen by officials in England as where the colonist. They where also instructed to not take land owned by the Indians. They set out on Dec.20,1606, the first to leave where 105 men and the goal was to find new land,mine for gold and silver deposits, and also find a river to the pacific.

They arrived may 13,60 miles away from the Chesapeake bay, but had to anchor and three smalls ships landed on Jamestown May.13. Jamestown was surrounded by water on three sides and had no clean water. But the water at the shore line was deep enough for them to anchor at the shore line. Within a week of them arriving they had already been attacked by Indians. After a few weeks they stared looking for the passage. By that time some begun to die from unclean water and damp and unhealthy conditions.

The first president of the colony was Edward Maria Windfeild. He wanted to get the fort up as fast as he could due to the first attack. Finally the fort was complete on June 15th.

The first woman arrived around 1608, When John Smith was President after WIndfeild was ejected from presidency . Many began to stop working and not doing anything productive for the colony, so he created the"no work, no food" policy. Witch was very effective. Then Smith was injured in 1609 and had to bad to England due to a injury. That's when the colonist entered the starving time.

The starving time was one of the worst times in the colony. Many people died from diseases and lact of food. Especially after a ship was lost full of supplies, new colonist, and a new President. Some where as desperate to dig dead colonist out of the ground and result to cannibalism. Also some ate leather, or anything to fill there stomachache. At one point there where only five well people to bury the dead.

Then in 1610 a new colonist and a new governor. They also established a well needed trade amoungest the Indians and colonist. They traded metal tools for food from the Indian after they tried making a profit off small industries. But Tabasco was there first profitable product. Soon after there came peace when John Rolfe married Pocahontas. But the peace was broken when both Pocahontas and Rolfe died. The Indians attacked the fort killing around 350-400 people when the colonist stared asking to much of them. Soon after the attack King James 1 turned the colony into a official crowned colony to take batter control of the situation.

In 1619 The colony took a step in the right direction when they adopted a general assembly. More women arrived and one of the main focuses was to create family. But the biggest thing was that the first Africans arrived. All came on a slave ship from Ndongoin,Angola. In 1679 a rebellion burned most of the capital down. But in 1689 the whole capital building burned down and moved to Williams burg in 1699.

Jamestown was a huge step in the history of traveling to the new world setting out 13 years before the Pilgrims did. It was also thrived as the capital for nearly 100 years. Now archaeological digs continue to show us more about Jamestown.

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