Lighthouses, Seascapes & Skies Another Unique David Rankin Watercolor Workshop at the Euclid Art Association

David Rankin Watercolor Workshop - Euclid Art Association - Cleveland, Ohio - May 29, 30, 31

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Lighthouses • Seascapes & Skies

Painting lighthouses has been a frequent subject for artists for several hundred years. It requires a special skill set that includes both drawing & painting skills. But because of the function lighthouses serve they are usually found in distinctive, often remote or rugged landscapes along coastlines. Their often stark white shapes stand out against the sky right on the edges of the sea where the shoreline, beaches, setting and sky all contribute to their uniqueness.

In this workshop David will help you create distinctive landscapes that include all of the main features that are common to lighthouse subjects.

David he has painted lighthouses all over the world. And he has developed and refined a selection of unique ways to create Lighthouse subjects. One of these has to do with all manner of additional structures that frequent subjects like this. His approach will speed up your creative process and help you create better compositions with confidence.

David's uses his Sketchbook and quick grey studies to rapidly refine various structures.

With Lighthouses... it's always about the light, time of day, and weather.

Variations in the weather, sky, and time of day can evoke powerful and emotional moods to even simplest Lighthouse landscapes.

Coastal Light, Southern Thailand

At first... Lighthouse subjects may seem rather simplistic, but in fact, working with their locations and surrounding features, makes them... very satisfying.

Come and paint magnificent Lighthouses with David Rankin.

David Rankin Watercolor Workshop - Lighthouses, Seascapes & Skies

Euclid Art Association, Cleveland, Ohio - May 29, 30, 31

To register: email Sue Herrle - suetom.herrle@sbcglobal.net

After the Storm
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