10 facts about Utah Darlene

duckster. People have lived in Utah for thousands of years.The earliest inhabitants are called the Paleo-Indians.
duckster. When Europeans arrived in Utah,the land was inhabited by varies Native American tribes.
duckster. The first Europeans arrived in Utah until the 1700 when Spanish explorer Juan Antonio de Rivera visited in 1765.
duckster. In the late 1700s and early 1800s,a few more people arrived they were mostly fur trappers looking for hunting ground.
I love history. The first non-native people to visit and dis-tribe places did make a difference for the people who followed.
I love history. Before the 1700,non-indigenous people knew of a vast land north of santa fe and between st. lousis and the west cost.
In 1830,a religios group called the Mormans was formed by Joseph Smith in New York.
Utah was named after the Native American tribe " Ute" which means ' ' People of the mountains '.
Utah is one of the four corner states.It means up with Colorado,Arizona,and New Mexico at a single point.
Salt Lake City was called Great Salt Lake City up until 1968 when the Great was dropped.


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