Caribbean Style Diaries Promoting the style & Style-makers of the caribbean

Caribbean Style Diaries is a creative project aiming to highlight inspiring and/or interesting Caribbean people who are involved in a fashion or style related career or vocation, or who have an interesting, characteristic, and creative style.

Photos by Amleya Clarke Photography. (left) young fashion designer and stylist Orlando Williams of Lindabelle, Styled by Pierre & William Pierre | (middle) costume and clothing designer and make-up artist, Lauren Austin | (right) up-and-coming make-up artist Alphaeus.

Who do we feature?

Caribbean fashion designers, stylists, make-up artists, fashion bloggers, fashion or style entrepreneurs, and persons within the community that have a creative and characteristic style. Persons featured must be connected to the Caribbean in some way (born, grew up, currently live or have lived for a period of time in the Caribbean).

For our main filmed content we are currently based in Barbados for filming, so anyone on the island or planning to make a trip to Barbados are invited to contact us. However eventually as the platform develops, we hope to film around the Caribbean and diaspora. In the meantime, all persons regardless of location are welcome to contribute to our other content opportunities.

Designs by Kadburry Designs | Make-up by Alphaeus | Modelled by Shemara Morris Photo by Amleya Clarke Photography

Objectives of the Project:

  • To celebrate and showcase the style and fashion-related talents of Caribbean people.
  • To promote and highlight the local and regional fashion communities to local, regional and international audiences
  • To assist fashion entrepreneurs in the promotion and expression of their brand and products and services.
  • To encourage and inspire the pursuit of creative fashion and style-related careers.
  • To encourage and inspire creative self expression and cultural expression through fashion and style.
  • To celebrate Caribbean people, talent and culture.
Swimwear by Kadburry Designs | Modelled by Shanni Thorpe | Photo by Amleya Clarke Photography |
Photo by Matthias Blonski

Featured Content for Caribbean Style Diaries:

The core content for Caribbean Style Diaries will be stylistic short-form fashion videos. The style direction is for visually dynamic, inspiring, advertorial style film-making that is contemporary in aesthetic and attitude.

Personality Features

The main content for the feature will be a 1-3 minute video designed with the featured person's brand narrative, personal style and personality in mind. Visuals would reflect the featured person as they showcase either their creative process (e.g. designer sketching, sewing, selecting fabrics, in their workspace, at fashion show, their store, or on a photoshoot) OR an aspect of their lifestyle (e.g. getting dressed, day in the life, going places that inspire them, or doing things that inform their aesthetic). Added audio would include a voice over by the featured person speaking about their aesthetic, approach, inspiration, development, etc.

An associated blog post to give a detailed overview about the artist and their brand including artist biography info, products and services they offer, portfolio images, and contact information. The blog post may include BTS images/video of the film in the making.

Style Transformation Videos

3-5 minute style transformations that illustrates the process towards achieving a particular look. Each video will have an emphasis on a particular styling process (e.g. make-up application, hair styling, nail design, garment or accessory making, or wardrobe styling).

Fashion Films & Lookbooks

1-3 minute fashion films that showcase a specific motif, theme, or aesthetic with a curated assortment of looks featuring more than one designer/brand.

Photo by Anna Jiménez Calaf

How to Get Involved

Interested persons should contact Amleya Clarke or any member of the team. Informing of their name, contact information, social media links for their brand/business, and samples images or portfolio of their work. If they have any upcoming releases, especially designers with upcoming collections, we’d like to know. Interested persons will be considered and added to our list. When chosen for an upcoming shoot, we will contact you to inquire about your availability and scheduling.

Stages of Production for Personality Features:

  • Pre-production meeting: This meeting is to get to know you and your business better and discuss details for the shoot. This will be done in person or over Skype or other video chat. There is a possibility that quick follow up meetings may be needed.
  • Voice recording session / audio interview : Here we’ll record your voice-over for the feature video. We’ll ask you a few questions but if you also have any prepared or desired talking points we can record that as well. Estimated time is 30 mins - 1 hour. Must be recorded in a quiet environment, this can be done at our studio or other pre-arranged location.
  • Filming session(s): The length of filming will be discussed in the pre-production meeting phase. This will be based on requirements of concept, condition of location(s), availability of team, and availability of equipment and required resources. Filming may take between half a day to a few days. The filming session(s) will be primarily video recording but may include some photos and behind the scene captures for associated promotion.
  • Post-production: Editing time may vary widely but you’d be notified of the intended deadline for release. There will be an opportunity to see the completed edit or near completed edit version before release.
Photo by Luis Llerena

Content Ownership & Use:

The photo and video content will be produced by Luxe Touch Studios who will hold own the copyright and distribution rights to the content. Once the content has been publicly published, then those featured in the content may share the content on their social media, web platforms and may showcase the content at trade shows and portfolio displays but must maintain credit mention to the director/producer of the content. A license agreement will be provided before shooting to outline the terms.

Those featured may not license, sub-license, or sell the content to any third party. All rights are reserved, including the right of Luxe Touch Studios to license, sub-license and re-publish the content to third parties.

Photo by Bruno Gomiero
Designs by Orlando Williams of LindaBelle | Photo by Amleya Clarke Photography | Make-up by Tennille Griffith Modelled by Chante Warden & Gavin Fernandes

Additional Content (Internationally-Available)

Instagram Story Takeovers

Persons within our featured-persons target market (listed previously the who we feature heading above) can apply to be featured for a one-day Insta-Story takeover. This means that for 24 hours they will be invited to post on the Caribbean Style Diaries Instagram. Posts should reflect a “day in the life” for them and their business but should include showcasing their aesthetic and style, their personality, the beauty and culture of their country, and contact info for those wishing to follow them otherwise online. These stories may be saved for re-publishing in Caribbean Style Diaries blog posts.

Commissioned/Sponsored Vlogs

For those brands that wish for more professionally showcased and immersive showcasing of their day-in-the-life, they have the option to:

  • pay to commission a vlog shoot by our team that will be promoted on our channel and platforms
  • pay to have a vlog they created featured on our channel and platforms
  • apply for a sponsored vlog

Vlogs can be as short as part of a day or one event/activity (e.g. BTS of a fashion show, photoshoot, making a piece, working with a client) or may be as long as a month.

Companies, event promoters and entities that wish to sponsor a vlog post will receive brand placements in the vlog as well as mutually agreed "thank you" content which will be featured on our channels.


Interested in getting involved? Want to be featured? Want to recommend someone for a feature? Interested in partnering or sponsoring this project?

Contact our project coordinator, Amleya Clarke.

  • Email: caribbeanstylediaries.com
  • Phone: 1 (246) 249-1093 (Barbados)
Photo by Allyson Johnson
Get noticed with Caribbean Style Diaries
Photo by Kris Atomic
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Amleya Clarke

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