HammerHead Shark Ashley Jazombek

"Nailed it." -Hammerhead Shark

  • Hammerhead sharks have a white belly, and a olive green or grey-brownish back
  • Their mouths are located on the underside of their heads
  • Their hammer-shaped heads act as a metal detector, and can detect stingrays hiding in the sand
  • Hammerheads have a visual field of 360 degrees, in which they can see above and below their bodies, but are blind directly in front of their nose
  • If spending too much time in shallow waters, hammerheads are known to get a nice tan
  • The name "hammerhead" comes from their heads looking like a literal flat hammer
  • Typically live in large groups of other hammerheads, known as schools
  • Hammerheads can swim up to 25 mph
  • Younger hammerheads have rounder heads, and are easy prey to orcas and others until they reach their adult size

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