Tour of the Florida Museum of Natural History by Heather Hart

This exhibit contains the chrysalises of different types of butterflies. Each of them are hot glued to a paper in rows inside of the glass containers. I found this design appealing because it was so easy to see each of the specimens up close. There were so many together that they filled up a wall, which caught my attention. I don't think I would have understood the size or the variety of butterflies if I had seen this through a photo instead of in person. I liked that the butterfly section of the museum was very calming and immersed the visitor in the environment.

When I was in the butterfly garden I did feel that I got a better appreciation of nature because I was able to interact with all the butterflies and birds. This exhibit definitely allowed visitors to connect with nature, but also made me a little sad to see all the creatures trapped inside of the small inclosure. Seeing how beautiful nature is strengthened my already existing feeling of responsibility to nature. I've always been very adamant about protecting nature.

The Cambrian period was when there first started to show evidence of the animal groups that exist in modern day. I think that this shows the majesty and mystery of nature because it shows how inhabitants of Earth can evolve and change. These creatures eventually turned into the marine life that we know today. The Natural History museum helps us see the steps that it took for the Earth to reach the point it is at now. Many of us go through our lives without really thinking about our lives and how far the world has come in the past few billion years.

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