The Hard Rock Stadium Introduction

Screaming fans, beaming sun, and a whole lot of fun describes the Hard Rock Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins. This multi-purpose stadium is located in Miami Gardens. It attracts people worldwide for its sports, music, and festivities


This unique facility is home to our beloved national football team- Miami Dolphins. The Hard Rock Stadium has hosted 5 super bowls from 1989 to 2010. It has drawn crowds of record proportions, of 65,000 fans.

The Hard Rock Stadium Versatility

The Hard Rock Stadium has hosted several events such as Jazz in the Gardens, Cirque du Soleil, Halloween bash, and movie production.

Architecture & Design

The Hard Rock was constructed with murals to reflect the beauty of Miami Gardens. It covers 140 acres. It costs $242 million dollars and it is 188 feet of our local ground.

Fun Facts

The Hard Rock has an organic concession stand serving healthy foods for all.

Grab a taste of the Shula burger named after the iconic legendary coach of the Miami Dolphins.

The Hard Rock Stadium has had 7 name changes including Land Shark Stadium and Sun Life Stadium.


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