Open Knowledge Digital literacies and open practice webinar 6

The PGCert in HE aims to provide university employees with a broad awareness of higher education so that they are better able to reflect upon their own professional identity and develop their individual professional contribution.
OKHE workshop
  • be open
  • to chart discussion
  • to level the classroom
How do you interact with open - responses 2020
  • Inviting speakers to prompt discussions and to challenge participants thinking.
  • Raise participant's voices as part of the landscape using the publication
  • Participants as co-creators of the unit content
OKHE session
  • What is the criteria for open?
  • What does open mean to the people that it benefits?
  • What is open?
How do you interact with open?

What I've learned from teaching open practice

  • Open definitions, perceptions and ideas of openness and open practice
  • Personal beliefs vs professional beliefs - can be complication by open practice
  • When┬áto be open (an important question to ask)
  • OKHE assessments are available open access - learn about our participants' ideas. OKHE assessment archive
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You can find out more about the course unit development from the book chapter Bursting out of the Bubble, in Chris Rowell's book Social Media in Higher Education.

You can browse the publication on the OKHE Medium publication: https://medium.com/open-knowledge-in-he

Activity - Reflect and Share

Use the Google Jamboard to share: "What principles of open practice will you bring into your own teaching practice?" and/or "How will you make your teaching practice open?"

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