America's Melody By: Daniel Chace

America's song ringing in my ears

Auto mechanics Building what they build the metal ringing melodies throughout

Carpenters hammering nails, making music for all around to hear

Steel workers crafting the building blocks of or country, the steel making music which no other could imagine

Fishermen out fishing, the splashing of their hooks hitting the water ringing out to all

Tailors creating that which these musicians wear

Craftsmen giving birth to the furniture we all use, whilst creating a wonderful melody of wood being cut

Families at home, preparing for the return of their loved ones, cooking, washing, creating some of the most beautiful all of the songs

The songs which belong to the musician himself and no one else

The day which belongs to the old, working all day, and the night which belongs to the young, who finish the work of the old

Their wonderful songs ringing throughout the rest of all time to be heard by all.


Created with images by mrsdkrebs - "American Flag" • photosteve101 - "music notes with violin key" • Mooganic - "Citroen 2cv_phil_repair_small"

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