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HISTORY: The United Church was formed on June 10, 1925. It was not formed by a specific person but by the uniting of churches. It was formed by the union of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Congregational Churches of Canada, the General Council of Local Union of Churches, and the Methodist Church in Canada, Newfoundland and Bermuda. The General Council came together for a larger union, but one third of the Presbyterian Church voted to stay out of the union. The United Church was the largest Protestant church in Canada with over 2.8 million member according to a 2001 census.

Symbol of the United Church

Scripture (Bible): The way that the bible and scripture is viewed in the United Church is that it is viewed as a source or wisdom, personal prayer, devotion and that it brings them closer to God. It is viewed as the best ways of experiencing Gods work of liberation and creation. When they refer to a passage as “the Word of God” they mean it as the writer was inspired by God. They believe that in the bible there are stories and teachings and has a mysterious power to help inform people about their lives.

Who Christ and God are: The United Church believe that God is the father and Christ is God's son. They believe in God love, salvation and presence in their lives. They believe that the bible was inspired by God to shows his creation of the world and liberation of his people. They believe in God's ability to have forgiveness and not to condemn people if they are not baptized.

General Beliefs: The United Church is based on a profession of faith and not a particular creed. People will commit themselves to the triune God (Father, son, and the holy spirit) and to have faithful conduct in the real world and the church. A practice that occurs is that to become a United Church minister you are required to be in "essential agreement" with the four statements of faith found in The Basis of Union. They acknowledge their heritage and creeds of the other churches especially the apostles' and Nicene Creed and the reformation.

Toronto's Metropolitan United Church

Views on Salvation: The United Church views on salvation is that they believe that there is a resurrection of the dead of the just and unjust. They believe that this is done through the power of the son of God. They also believe that the unrepentant will face eternal punishment and the righteous will have eternal life. They believe that salvation and God are essential to the life of the Church.

What happens after death: The United Church believe in the in the kingdom of God and eternal life. They believe that if you accept the offer given of salvation you will be given God's Joy. That if you die you will come face to face with God and you can still partake in the church and have communion with the saints. They acknowledge the merciful and righteous judgement and wait for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

Views of the Eucharist: The United Church views the Eucharist as the same as the communion. They believe that it is just different terminology to describe the sacrament such as The Lord's Supper and Holy Communion. They believe that it is an acknowledgement of Christ and God. They invite everyone to search for Jesus and love him and to share in his family's meal with one another.

Sacraments: The United Church views on sacraments is that it is a symbolic action that allow people to encounter the presences of God. That they are used to show us God's love and the allow sacredness into our lives. In the United Church they only celebrate two sacraments communion and baptism. Baptism is the significance of a new life given by God and people can be baptized at any age. They believe that you do not have to be baptized to be given God's love and that you will not be condemned or damned. The United Church celebrates the communion as a symbolic meal. That they acknowledge that Jesus Christ is a host to everyone as we are the guests. That it reminds people of Jesus' last supper and of God's enduring love. They allow anyone who wishes to have communion even if they have not had conformation.

Structure: The Structure of the United Church beings with the General Council which is the highest legislative court. Commissionaires are elected by the Conferences onto this council to discusses church policies every three years. The Conferences is an administration group made of presbyteries and you can find 13 Conferences in total. The presbyteries are a group of pastoral charges and there are ministerial delegates who oversee there work. There are 86 Presbyterians that can be found in the church. There are about 3 000 congregations and 390 000 pastoral care to households.

What beliefs set them apart: One difference of the United Church is that it was formed through a union of other churches. They also build the spirit of unity across Canada instead of in comparison to the Catholic church which is an international bases. The United Church believes in regeneration. Everyone in the United Church can take sacrament without conformation unlike the Catholic Church.

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