What Shoes do Teenagers Prefer Sam wild

Shoes. Shoes are something everyone in today’s society wants. Athletic, stylish and or comfortable shoes are chosen by the youth today. Everyone has different preferences depending on your hobbies or looks making the shoe industry very successful as there are many different options to buy. So what shoes do most teenagers prefer? Let’s have a look.

“I'm a fan of the Nike Reacts 2020. They are very comfortable and as I’m an athlete, I can wear them to the gym and go on runs with them. Adding on to this, for athletic shoes they have good style.”

Samuel Hart-

“I would Personally say my Nikes Air Maxes 90 white, they have been with me since October 2019 and are still going strong which means the material is very solid. They pretty much go with everything. If I'm ever feeling lazy to make an outfit, I know that I can put my 90’s at the bottom and it'll work.”

Qasim Ali-

“My Favorite pair of shoes are my Air Force Koreas. This is my favorite pair not only because it’s my first pair of Air Forces, I also get to express my pride through this pair. from the tiger that symbolize Korean pride, to the individual details in the flag, this pair depicts Korean culture and heritage. It reminds me of my country’s pride as I’m practically wearing my country as a pair of sneakers. Also Air Forces fit with everything. If I’m wearing the school uniform or going out to a fancy restaurant”

Han Bin Do-

“My favorite shoes to wear are Jordan’s because they are really comfortable to walk in and go with every outfit which is really convenient”

“I really like Jordan 1 Highs because they come in a lot of difference colors and styles so everyone can choose a shoe that fits their personality and color preference also I can wear them with any outfit and look very stylish”

“High top Jordan’s , because they just look so cool, they come in many different colors and types , and i could wear them with anything and they would look cool.”

Noi, Noya and Firishta

“I would have to say the Adidas NMD I think that they are overall a great shoe, my reasoning behind it is that they are super comfortable, they look really good and they have always lasted me a long time. Also they can be worn in many different situations. ”

Dane Hartman

“Adidas Stan Smiths. They are very comfortable and you can wear them under any outfit. You can wear them to school and look very stylish. They aren’t too expensive so you won’t care if they get dirty.”

Harry Rumney-

“My fav shoes are Jordan 11s because they are stylish, you can wear them with pretty much any outfit and they are pretty comfortable.”

Jonah Cunney

Out of the 10 people I interviewed, different ages, different interests every single one of them highlighted that the shoe needs to be stylish and that you can wear them with any outfit. Shoes complete an outfit, so if you have one pair of shoes that fit with everything, it makes the outfit look ten times better. Some people that want more comfortable, everyday life shoes. These folks went for the long lasting and less expensive shoe, usually Adidas. These people are athletes and like to be ready to workout whenever in the day, but they also had to look good. Overall I found that people go for more the stylish shoe than a shoe that is more comfortable and lasting.