Entering &Exiting the highway By:AriyaN

  • There is 3 parts to entering a highway
  • Entering- Gives you the time to evaluate traffic as you prepare to accelerate then merge
  • Acceleration- usually long enough so you can accelerate to the speed of traffic, your acceleration is also determined by the volume of traffic both on the highway and acceleration lane.
  • Merging- Try to enter the highway from the merging area at about the same speed as the cars in the first lane
  1. Make sure your on the right entrance ramp.
  2. Once on the ramp be alert of vehicles behind and in front of you. Take quick glances out your left outside rearview mirrior and over your shoulder to check your blindspot to find a gap into traffic you can fit into safe and smoothly. Also signal way ahead so you can let the others know your trying to get over.
  3. Once in acceleration lane, adjust your speed to match traffic and merge smoothly and safely.
  • There is 2 parts to exiting a highway
  • The deceleration lane- gives you time to slow down
  • The exit ramp- the exit you get off at
  1. About 1/2 mile before your exit, signal and move into the lane that leads to the deceleration lane.
  2. Move into the deceleration lane, but DO NOT SLOW DOWN Until your car is out of the highway traffic flow.
  3. Cancel your signal, and start to gradually slow down if your going to fast on the deceleration lane you might enter the exit ramp too fast that could cause an accident.
  4. Identify the exit ramp speed. Check your own speed and adjust to exit ramp speed.
  5. Lastly, if you miss your exit NEVER STOP OR BACK UP ON THE HIGHWAY. Just continue onto the next exit and turn around somwhere.

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