A Day in the Life of Web Packaging Shelby Pennington, Floyd Central HS

During the morning portion of classes, Adam Maksl teaches web packaging. This is his first year teaching at HSJI. “I have a really good group of students and you know there’s a lot of support from the media school to be able to show them the amazing facilities that are here. So yeah, it’s been great,” said Maksl. Photo by Shelby Pennington.
For his project, student Camden Kaminsky covered the contest speaker live on Snapchat. Students in the web packaging class are learning how to incorporate web and social media services into their own journalistic practices. Photo by Shelby Pennington.
Tommy Callaghan uses teacher provided gear and his phone to shoot that day’s assignment. Students were instructed to return to the afternoon class with a short movie exhibiting different angles. “I’ve never really done any kind of video shooting before [and] I’ve never done any editing up until this camp, so yesterday we had a lot of good practice with audio and then that transferred to today,” Callaghan said. Photo by Shelby Pennington.
Outside of Starbucks, Kaminsky and Callaghan discuss possible angles for Callaghan’s video. The pair used areas around Kirkwood and Franklin Hall to shoot and put together a short video. “It was really fulfilling because we learned a lot about video making, even with our phones,” said Kaminsky. Photo by Shelby Pennington.
Kaminsky watches a classmates clip that is being played on the large screen. Maksl allows the whole class to watch each other’s work as a way to learn. “I’m actually not in the newspaper or yearbook or anything, I’m looking to start a clothing brand and I’m just trying to improve my content and how it’s presented so that’s kinda the reason I did web design and multimedia presentation,” said Kaminsky. Photo by Shelby Pennington.
Amy Cordill and Alex Dixon take notes on their final projects. Students can create a multimedia project using any of the programs taught and can be on any topic that concerns HSJI or the IU Bloomington campus. Photo by Shelby Pennington.
Kaminsky and Callaghan listen to Maksl and think about their final projects. Kaminsky is planning on creating a map with profiles on students and their favorite places. Photo by Shelby Pennington.
Olivia Lighty pays close attention to Maksl's lecture. She plans on making an interactive timeline of HSJI to help new students know what to expect. “At our newspaper at school, we’re starting an online version this year and I’m the online editor so [my instructor] put me in the class. I think this will help debut our online version because we’ve never done that before and we have no experience whatsoever so it should help with figuring out what’s going to be more appealing to the students to view,” says Lighty. Photo by Shelby Pennington.

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