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This year was a year of great events and creativity at PhotoCentral. A few of the events are below. PhotoCentral 2019

12/15/18-2/23/19 Cultures in Transition (Including an opening reception, a Panel discussion; Kids & Art Foundation Visit; Animals of Sulphur Creek visit)

3/30/19 – 5/11/19 Celebrating HARD at 75! The 2019 Annual Spring Exhibition in collaboration with the Adobe Art Center

4/27 – 4/28/19 Art of Collage and Lumens with Margaretta Mitchell

Ongoing - PhotoCentral Sunday Photo Group

5/12/19 Vintage H.A.R.D. Photos from the 1940s and 1979s

5/18/19 Fall Photo Fair Camera Show

6/8/19-7/13/19 Immigrants are US: Mark Tuschmann

6/22/19 Wild Africa: Presentation by Shem Compion & Mark Overgaard (Pop-up Show and Talk)

7/15/19-9/15/19 Celebrating Wildlife: The Animals of Sulphur Creek

9/28/19 – 11/28/19 Resonance: Eleven Artists Respond to H.A.R.D. at Seventy Five

September 2019 Artist in Residence: Carolina Furque, Argentinian/Australian Artist

12/6/19 – 1/15/20 Bill Owens and Altamont at 50! And Kevin Wright: Hayward Shoreline: A Love Story

Cultures in Transition

We began the year with the exhibition/book project "Cultures in Transition" featuring photographs by Oliver Klink. Cultures in Transition celebrates the people of Asia including Bhutan, Myanmar, China, Mongolia, and India. The exhibition coincides with the book release of Cultures in Transitions: Spirit – Heart - Soul. The book, published by True North Editions, was printed in Italy and is 168 pages printed in tritone. There are essays by Anne Wilkes Tuckers, Peter Finke and Geir Jordahl as well as stories about the images by the photographer. It has won eight international book awards and the exhibition has traveled internationally. We had an opening reception, a gallery walk and a visit from the Sulphur Creek Nature Center Animals in a wonderful afternoon of photos and creature. We also had a visit with the non-profit "Kids & Art Foundation" with a number of kids and their families coming to enjoy the show and have a lesson on posing with Oliver Klink and Kate Jordahl.

Art & Kids and Sulphur Creek Visit Cultures in Transition.

Celebrating Wildlife: The Animals of Sulphur Creek

Our next project was printing and making the exhibition “Celebrating Wildlife: The Animals of Sulphur Creek.” The exhibition showcases the collaboration between PhotoCentral and the Sulphur Creek Nature Center with a selection of photographs from participants in workshops that emphasize wildlife “within our Borders” focusing on the beautiful animals and the rehabilitative services provided by H.A.R.D.’s Sulphur Creek Nature Center where staff give medical assistance and rehabilitates up to 900 wild animals a year. Geir & Kate Jordahl processed and printed the images in the PhotoCentral facility using the large scale printer purchased with funds donated by internationally famous photographer and Hayward Resident Bill Owens.

PhotoCentral Annual Spring Exhibition

Each year we organize and curate the PhotoCentral Annual Spring Exhibition. This eclectic group show is an annual event and features a wide variety of works from over 50 artists. It featured over 200 inspiring works! A website was created from Lightroom Classic features a selection of the works in the show.

Immigrants are US Photography and Stories of Courage and Resilience Photographs by Mark Tuschman

PhotoCentral is proud to present a new body of work by Mark Tuschman titled Immigrants are US: Photography and Stories of Courage and Resilience. As with his previous groundbreaking work, Faces of Courage, Mark melds the environmental portrait with emotional impact and seamless craft. The images are documents and personal stories. They convey the humanity of each individual with dignity and express the egalitarian nature of each immigrant’s accomplishments in the face of challenge and adversity. The images are fresh and celebratory. Dates: May 25 to June 22 2019; Reception/Presentation: Saturday June 8th from 2 pm - 5 pm with the presentation at 3 pm.

Wild Africa: Presentation by Shem Compion & Mark Overgaard

Shem Compion and Mark Overgaard pop-up and talk.

Saturday, June 22 at 2pm, with pop-up exhibit before and after: 1:30 – 4pm: Shem Compion is a naturalist and professional wildlife photographer working throughout Africa and the world. His passion for natural areas and photography has led to a life of travel and creating environmental awareness through his photography.

Mark Overgaard’s focus on image making began as he prepared for retirement from a technology career in his early sixties. Now, he travels widely, including eight visits to Africa since 2012. One of the main focus areas for Mark’s image making is wildlife naturescapes.

Resonance: Eleven Artists Respond to H.A.R.D at Seventy-Five

Opening Images from the exhibition.

Hayward Area Map, Kate Jordahl

Aerial Image, Hayward Shoreline, Frederick Watkins

Owl Dreams, Sulphur Creek Nature Center, Oliver Klink

Modern Day Sea Glass, Hayward Shoreline, Leah Virsik

Our next project for this year is a very special exhibitions is "Resonance: Eleven Artists Respond to H.A.R.D at Seventy-Five." Eleven diverse artists were invited to make artwork in response to the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District’s legacy and influence in their lives and communities. This eclectic show features works on paper & glass with explorations in paint, wood, fiber, and photography. The exhibition was curated by Geir Jordahl and features artists Elin Christopherson, Gene Dominique, Glenn Hemanes, Vaughn Hutchins, Kate Jordahl, Geir Jordahl, Oliver Klink, Jackson Nichols, Elizabeth Opalenik, Leah Virsik, and Frederick Watkins.

Hayward Vintage Views: Photographs from the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Archive

An exhibition and book from the H.A.R.D. to celebrate the 75th anniversary of this important agency.

Images from Vintage Views.

2019 Artist in Residence: Carolina Furque, Argentinian/Australian Artist

Carolina Furque participated in PhotoCentral events and used the darkroom to print her "Circo/Circus" project which will be featured at the 2020 PhotoCentral Spring Show.

Carolina Furque FOTOGRAFIAS – PHOTOGRAPHS - Circo / Circus

Bill Owens and Altamont at 50! & Kevin Wright: Hayward Shoreline: A Love Story

Photographer Bill Owens LIVE in person on the anniversary of the 1969 Rolling Stones Concert at Altamont!

December 6th, 1969: It was fifty years ago today, photographer Bill Owens immortalized the end of the Summer of Love with the ill-fated Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway. This Gallery Talk with Photographer Bill Owens had an eager audience of music and photo fans.

With this exhibition is the show Kevin Wright: Hayward Shoreline: A Love Story - Silver Gelatin Prints printed in the PhotoCentral Darkroom and found objects from the Hayward Shoreline.

Hayward Area Recreation and Park District End of Year Award: Frederick Watkins celebrates 20 years!

Congratulation to PhotoCentral's Frederick Watkins and the other H.A.R.D. staff that were recognized at the 2019 End of Year Award Ceremony.

2019 Employee Recognition Brunch. Thursday, Dec 12, 10am-12pm!

Collaboration Continues for PhotoCentral as we begin 2020!

Collaboration across the H.A.R.D. district continues: Field trip with the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center and Area Artist Annual were planned in 2019 for an exciting beginning to 2020!

PhotoCentral/Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center Birding Photography Program Jan 11, 2020

On Saturday, January 11th, HARD’s Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center naturalists in partnership with PhotoCentral hosted a birding and photography field trip to the Central Valley. This annual bird walk to the Cosumnes River Preserve is always a highlight in HSIC’s programming. Along with Sandhill Cranes, we relished the late afternoon fly-in of thousands of waterfowl. Naturalists Adrienne De Ponte and Tony Iwane, alongside photographer Frederick Watkins, guided participants in observing, identifying and photographing the amazing wealth of winter birds. The combination of birders and photographers made for record participation with 17 community members participating.

42nd Area Artists' Annual

42nd Area Artists' Annual Juried Exhibition Hosted at H.A.R.D.'s PhotoCentral Gallery This long-running competitive annual exhibit features stunning artwork from fifty-two local artists selected by Diane Zuliani. Diane Zuliani, our exhibition’s Juror, brings over thirty years of experience in visual culture to her evaluation process. She has held long-term associations with art museums (The J. Paul Getty Museum, the O’Keeffe Museum) and with higher education entities (Chabot College, Stanford University Continuing Studies). When asked about her experience reviewing the entries for this show, she said: “This task was as enjoyable as it was challenging. Selecting 70 artworks from a pool of 261 original and worthy submissions was no easy task, but I was not surprised by the high quality of the entries. Bay Area artists never disappoint.”


PhotoCentral has had another amazing year of community, creativity and photography! We are looking forward to 2020 for more adventures!

Geir and Kate Jordahl, 2019
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Kate Jordahl