The Book Thief Themes By Michael Della RAtta

Theme one: Friendship means everything in life.

"In this situation, They were friendless and paralyzed. There was nowhere else for Max Vandenburg to go. It was them. Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Liesel had never seen them look at each other so much, or with such Solemnity" (Zusak 209).

Despite all the action that have happened in the book Max still wants to express his love for Rosa though friendship. Its always hard at first when you hiding a Jew in there basement, To express you true love when your afraid of getting caught. she is willing to show how much she cares for him by keeping him in the basement. She knows what she has to do and how do to it so she doesn't get in trouble.

This article "Why should you talk to strangers?" is about how making connections with other people could help you in the long run. Without friendship what would you do if you had no one? It would be hard to trust other people that you barley know. Trust in a friendship is everything. When you want to help someone with a task they know you can do it because of your great friendship and being able to trust them.

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear!

"Now more than ever, 33 Himmel Street was a place of silence, and it did not go unnoticed that the Duden Dictionary was completely and utterly mistaken, especially with its related words. Silence was not quiet or calm, and it was not peace" (Zusak 308).

As the author of this book continues to speak about how the silence of the street is not quiet but calm, it is referring to how hope can always be there when things go wrong and downhill. His message that he is trying to get across is that no matter what happens anywhere in life even if its really bad there can always be hope to the situation and come out on top of the problem.

This Ted talk is about how happiness and hope can show you the path in life. And how hope can always be there over fear and not control your life. Hope is a helpful thing in life and can show you the in and out on what to do. This ted talk talks mostly about happiness and how it should be controlled in your life and not let fear take over. Happiness is a great thing to have when someone is down to pick them back up again.

Words affect peoples actions

“I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right" (Zusak 109).

This quote explains how peoples words in the book can affect them all in different way and can have a chain reaction. Every word in this book affected the characters in some way or another, most of the characters that got affected were a positive impact on there life or living style. Unfortunately some of the words that were said in the book affected people in a negative way, For example when the Nazis found a Jew they would take them to the concentration camps and work them to death, But it all starts with a couple of words.

This Ted Talk is about the affects of the words on Wikipedia. It talks about how each word on this cite could be completely wrong or some of it could be truthful, But we don't know as a society. How could we trust something when there is that chance where you know a teenager edited this website? Or anyone for that matter? This relates to the book because how can you trust the people on your streets when there hiding a Jew in the basement? There are a lot of wonders that go on with this circumstance that cant be solved, But what we do know is that there is always a chance that words can change our lives forever.

Summative Theme: Friendship Means Everything in Life.


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