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The sports community is like a dog park. Tons of different breeds with different shapes, sizes, and colors come together. Some dogs are just there to play some catch and have fun. Other dogs want to feel the rush of competition for that tennis ball. Nothing will get in their way to get the tennis ball. He will bump down the other dogs, wrestle with them, or play tug-a-war to get that precise ball. The smaller dogs get knocked down by the bigger dogs to scramble for the tennis ball. After the game of catching the ball is over, the dogs go to drinking water together and sniffing each other butts to get to know each other. Some dogs go home with the prize tennis ball, and some go home with a empty paw.

Short Fictional Story

It was the night before the big game and Johnny was scared to death because his college football team was going against the number 3 ranked school in the country so they could win the championship game. His team had come out of no where to advance so far into the playoffs. His team was the underdog, the Cinderella and their storybook ending was predicted to never come. So called expert opinions said that his team was about to go down in flames. To deal with it Johnny decided to watch some t.v to calm down. He watched some of his favorite shows like the Office and Parks and Rec to relax himself so he could sleep. After watching four episodes he finally was able to drift off to sleep. The next day he woke up at 7:00 and ate a breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast and headed off to join his teammates in talking to the media. He arrived at the team's practice facility at 8:30 and met up with the rest of the team. Once there he had thirty minutes to talk with his team before the media arrived. Once the media arrived all the questions were about whether or not they were scared and how lucky they were to be there at all. Johnny answered all these questions with a calm and collective tone. After thirty minutes with the media Johnny headed off to practice to go through walk through with his team. They ran through most of the playbook until they decided to break off at 10:00. For the rest of the day till 4:00 they were on there own to do whatever they wanted to do. Johnny decided he would study some more film and hangout with his teammates until he had to return.

Descriptive essay

You’re probably familiar with the stories. The rivalries, friendships, and hardships that come out of it. You hear of the heartbreak and thrilling excitement that it brings. The competitive spirit that drives people to the brink of madness until that final buzzer sounds. Or maybe you’ve heard of a different song. The compassion people have for each other when tragedy strikes and the heartwarming stories it brings when the underdog is able do the impossible. Everywhere we go people are aware of the story. Our outfits and style can be driven by how well our team, big or small, is doing. It seems that these days most conversations and trends start here and people are willing to give it their all, court, rink, and arenas alike.

Today, people are obsessed with sports whether they play or not. People wear their favorite player’s jersey or a shirt with a team logo on it. We also want to strive to be the best which drives this whole dog eat dog world even outside of sports. However, we don’t always realize how well it can bring people together. Last year, Chapecoense soccer team’s plane crashed killing all but 3 members. They were the underdogs of the tournament and were about the fulfill a true "Cinderella" story. However, their opponent requested the championship title be given to them once they were delivered the news.

I guess as long as we remain diverse and united, rivals yet companions, or teammates willing to give their all to see one another succeed, then I guess that what it takes for us to work. It's almost as if we're a different person until that final buzzer rings. But, for now, we're going to have to continue to play. Play on as if it was the final minute of the game. Because at the end of the day, we don't want to have any regrets when the buzzer sounds at the end of the game. That game called life.


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