Eco by: eli adams

Q.1.) Living things are connected by food chains and webs. There connected by food chains and webs because food chains and webs all start with the sun and then the sun gives energy to the plants. And then herbivores and omnivores eat the plants. Then the stuff at the top of the food like carnivores and omnivores eat the herbivores and the omnivores. Info found on pg 330 and 331 in theme reader

Q.2.) If something is removed from a food chain or wed then the whole thing will be messed up. So if in a plain ecosystem and you take out the grass the wildebeest would have nothing to eat. Then if they had nothing to eat they would go extincted Than if wildebeest were gone the lions would have nothing to eat in then the lions would go extincted. So as yo can see if it was messed up it would not be good. Info found on pg 338 in theme reader.

Created By
Eli Adams


Created with images by - "Desert" • ariesa66 - "otter animals fur" • Leszek.Leszczynski - "Lion closeup" • Mister-E - "Wildebeest"

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