Agriculture By : Tyler Hamilton

The first agricultural revolution is called the "Neolithic revolution" it happened in 10000 B.C - 20000 B.C. It made people not have to go out to collect food and the rising of large civilizations. The first crop was grain.

The second agricultural revolution happened at the same time as another revolution. The industrial revolution took place in the 1800's at the same time another type of farming was created. Crops were now being mass produced for large amount of people.

The third and final agricultural revolution was called the "Green revolution". This revolution implemented fertilizer and parasites.

Genetically modified organisms are organisms were they purposely remove genes from one into the other. This works to make the crops grow more efficient.

Commercial farming is growing crops and animals for sale

Subsistence farming is farming to provide for you not others

Sustainable farming is using farming techniques that help the enviorment

Farming began in 10,000 B.C - Subsistence farmers produce for themselves like indigenous tribes.

The industrial revolution lead modern day farming - bananas are the number one most grown fruit


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