Room 208 written By: Aleaha sebring

In room 208 Mrs.Jett reads to her class everyday after lunch. All of her stundent's pay close attention except for one...

Tyree is fast asleep in the back of the class day dreaming.

She tries to read books that will interest him she reads books about presidents
And even pinecones

Still fast asleep in his seat! Mrs. Jett wonders what book will get Tyree to pay attention.

She does some investigating at recess.
She does more investigating at lunch. Still nothing... she felt like giving up until...
She's finally got it! Mrs. Jett saw Tyree jump for joy when his Dad picked him up in a Firebird. She was so excited she checked out a new book from the library for class.
What was the book about? CARS!


Created with images by keithriess - "books resources reading" • Alexas_Fotos - "school study learn" • pamdavila - "mt rushmore mount rushmore dakota" • terribl - "plane aircraft airplane" • Photo-Mix - "pickled cucumbers homemade preserves jars" • sharonang - "pinecone cones tree" • somiz - "Playground" • USDAgov - "Children eating lunch at school" • Collector Car Ads - "1968 Pontiac Firebird" • 0uT$!d£r - "Classic Car (111)"

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