Portraiture Assessment task 4b

preliminary visual art 2018


Part A: Study of Art - The Archibald Prize

Part B : Art making - Self Portrait and Artist Statement

Weighting: 20%

  • Task Issued: Week 1, Term 3
  • Submission Due: Week 8, Term 3

On the completion of this task you will be assessed on your ability to address Syllabus outcomes: P1, P2, P3, P4, P7 and P8. | Refer to Visual Arts course outcomes for further details.

Content Focus

The purpose of this task is to:

  • Develop and complete a body of work focused on “portraiture of self ”.
  • Develop a practical understanding of practice focused on Portraiture though the investigation of portrait traditions.
  • Expose you the student to working with a variety of paint based media through studio practice.
  • Identify how other artists use codes, symbols and signs to create meaning in their art making practice
  • Begin the process of exploring the potential of you, the artist and your own practice through the lens of the Conceptual Framework.
The Task | Part 1
  1. Produce a Body of Work, single portrait or series with yourself as the subject, based on the painting style of another artist or art movement. Consider the 'Structural Frame' aspects of composition, colour, tone & line etc, material sensibility and usage in the production of your work.
  2. Where relevant, be aware of how you apply codes, symbols, signs etc to elaborate concepts and / or develop a narrative in the production of your artwork/s.
Ivana Wilcom
The process

Your class studio work and VAPD (process diary) must support your Body of Work and should include the following:

  • A selection of artworks completed during class which evidence a range of material approaches to drawing and painting ( Fig 1)
  • A visual / verbal brainstorm / mind map based on yourself, the subject - consider your likes/dislikes, interests, hobbies, ideas/inspirations etc. Include as much information as you can for a starting point. Your portrait should be relevant, to you, now
  • Include as documentation; media experiments, illustrations, art research or study of artists whose art-making practice relates to your Portrait, important material or stylistic decisions which helped shape your final work/s
  • Concept development is to include a series of at least three small sketches/illustrations that were significant in forming the final work.
  • Where relevant, reference to the 'Frames and Conceptual Framework' should be noted in your VAPD in relation to the consideration and explanation of ideas, materials & techniques.
Part 2

This section has 3 parts which are to be completed and submitted to your Goggle Classroom

  1. Artist Statement
  2. Critique / reflection
  3. Citation and documentation

The Artist Statement should include; Your conceptual decisions; explaination of colour choicess, research that was influential in forming your ideas along with your reasons for having chosen to represent yourself in a particular manner, style etc

  • A critique that examines the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the completed Self Portrait
  • Include an overview of what you've learnt in terms of material practice
  • Documentation and citation to include dimensions of work + media, photograph of completed work (including 2 detail shots + 2 detail shots from process in VAPD showcasing experimentation and development)
Isabella Cataldo

Submit the following for marking:

  1. Your VAPD; documenting the progress of the development of your ideas and media experiments including any ancillary studio and lead up work which demonstrates a varied approach to the representation of the subject as portrait.
  2. The Portrait (Body of Work)
Fig 1
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