Northern Africa By eloise, Cyril, seth, abriella and rachel

The main countries in Northern Africa are: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia and Western Sahara.

The highest climate in Northern Africa is 37.8*C and the lowest is 19*C.

These amazing landforms are all in Northern Africa: The Atlas Mountains, Congo River Basin, Ethiopian Highlands, Great Rift Valley, Hoggar (Ahaggar) Mountains, Kalahari Desert, Namib Desert, Nile River System, Sahel, Sahara Desert.

These facts are quite interesting, here they are: Did you know that Northern Africa is made up of 50 languages. Most of the countries in Northern Africa are Muslim. Long ago in Egypt, Cleopatra ruled over the pyramids, which happened to be part of Northern Africa.

The population in Northern Africa is 8,935,659.

In Northern Africa, the people eat the milk and blood of cattle, but rarely eat the meat. Elsewhere, other people are farmers who grow a variety of grains and vegetables. Maize (corn) is the basis of ugali, the local version of Western Africa's fufu. Ugali is a starch dish eaten with meats or stews.

Africa has a number of national flowers, here are a few : Grapple plant, White Egyptian water lily, Calla lily, Aloe polyphylla and the Black Pepper.

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