The last hero by Rick riordin

This book that I read was by Rick Riordin and the othe book that he wrote were the Percy Jackson series and I'm relating this book off of that because that was the first book in that series and this is the first book in this series and it starts out with one new kid named Jason and he is 16 years old .But in the lost hero he doesn't remember anything and he thinks he just musterieuly shows up on a bus.

School Bus

So they were riding off into a boarding school and some girl was holding his hand and he didn't know her or why he was there and he told her "who are you" and she thought he was crazy and than later he meets a guy names Leo and he's and the director on the bus was Choach Hedge and their ridding to a place for bad kids that do bad thing and later they go to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon

They get off and have lunch then they have a sheet with questions that you had to answer about the Grand Canyon. Then some storm clouds came in and they started to rumble and some kids who were kids turned into storm spirits and Choach hedge turned into a Sator a half Man half Goat and started fighting them and he was caut by one of them and he was rising up to the clouds and vanished and they lost him.

.After coach vanished they left to go to Camp Half Blood and a centaur named chiron and he said "You should be dead" and Jason didn't know what he was talking about but he thought it was before he lost his memory and then Piper, Leo, and Jason were chosen by their parents Pipers mom was Aphrodite, Leo's was Haphestis, and Jason's was Zeus.

After than it when to Leo running out of camp and running into the forest.Haphestises cabin built a bronze gold dragon that was controlled at one point and then something heppened and it went crazy and when ever you came up close with to the dragon it would breath its fire on you and one kid was in a body cast just trying to fix it. So he was running into the forest and then he stopped from the trap the campers set up and he was looking around and then he felt something breathing down his neck and it was the dragon and its glowing red eyes lit up and Leo made friends with the dragon and then it blow fire on him but he didn't Burn up because he is the child of Huphestes and he is known for fire so he didn't burn up and then he set off the trap and then the dragon squirming around and Leo was trying to calm the dragon down and he just keep on blowing fire and Leo was trying to find thme control panel so the campers wouldn't come and destroy the dragon and after he freed him the dragon made friends with him he let him on his back and the dragon ran off with him and they went to the dragons lair which was a giant rock that opened when the dragon rubbed agent it. The dragon didn't have wings and when they got into the lair the dragon fell asleep and the dragon could speak in morse code by creaking his mouth and the dragon looked up and the wings were hanging up there and Leo attached th wings to the dragon and the next day he road in to camp with the dragon and told everybody he named it Pheastus and everyone respected that.


I almost forgot all the chapters are each persons side of the story like a chapter is named Jason or Leo and that tells you how that persons side of the story is like it puts you in their shoes. After they met Pheastus they told everybody they had a quest to go on and they went and their first place they had to go to was Quabeck and their were something there waiting for them.

When they were flying some weird flying people were flying Twords them purple winged people one of them with a French accent and the other one spoke dumb and he only send two salable words and he looked like he gotten in a lot of fights and the other one looked like a 70s singer with pimples all over his face and they took them to their kingdom to meet their father and in the main lobby of the palis there was a girl waiting for them and her name was Khoine princess of snow and Leo thought she was hot and then they went into the Kings room and they meet him there were two sides of him his Greek side and his Roman side and his Roman side was tall skinny and he had weapons on him and he was acting like a jerk to Jason, Leo, and Piper so he wanted them to die because he wanted it and so they bribed him not to and they left and Jason got angry at Khoine and he called her names and she said she would have her revenge and they left and when they were riding on the dragons back Jason fell asleep.

When he woke up he woke up to them falling and Leo and piper screaming and they landed in a ware house and Pheastus landed in a junk yard and he went to go fix him. Piper thought it was a good idea to land on here feet and she broke her ankle and had to be in a cast that they made from one broken in half stick and some duck tape and Jason went to go find some more stuff and he saw to broken truck engine and he herd pipers voice and foot steps coming Twords him and he saw a ciclapses red blood shoot eye and it said "Your just in time for dinner".

Next it goes to Leo going to find Pheastus and he found him and his surcuts were frozen and then a God that killed his mother in a fire was Gaea who dressed in a durt blanket with grass on it that had been asleep was like Mother Nature but very bad and she was talking to him in a pile of dung because Pheastus landed were the porta potty after Leo spoke to Gaea he heard a loud crash and he went into the ware house .

Latter he was looking around and he heard Pipers voice and he heard foot steps and he hid behind a wall of boxes and he looked around and he saw two 10 foot Cyclopes and then one big one about 12 feet came and sat right in front of Leo and all the Cyclopes were buff and big the bigger one was a woman and it was the other Cyclopes mother and when Leo was looking around he saw two truck engines and two other thing and one of them was moving and the other one was just staying still until the Cyclopes lit a fire and it was Jason and Piper candied to their necks and towels in their mouths.

After Leo got a look at them he went to build something to fight the Cyclopes and he did that and he build three bronze arms that were controlled by him and the mom Cyclopes ordered one of the other to get her some salsa for her meal and Piper saw Leo,and she was talking to the mom like in books "please don't eat us we will be Bonny and ruff let us go" and the mom didn't fall for it and Leo got the arms working and he made the first Cyclopes disintegrate into golden dust and the mom saw him and she ran for him than the second Cyclopes came running back from getting the salsa and he said "Mother I got the salsa extra spicy this time" than the second arm hit him and he fell and he got up and hit the Cyclopes to the ground with 10,000 pounds of force and he discinagrated and the mom was mad and she said "You turned my boys into dust for the last time" and she charged at him and one arm tryed to hit her but she got mad and ripped it off its hinges and they the second one hit her and she stumbled and then she ripped it off and the second one she caut and ripped it off and she was standing under the truck engines and Leo hit something and it was silent and she didn't hear the chance break and she didn't even hear it falling and then boom it crushed her and golden dust splashed every were and then Leo let Jason and Piper free and Piper saw that the cyclopses were reforming and they saw a body forming and they ran out of there and when they got on Pheastus which Leo fixed they rode off and they could hear the roar of the cyclopses.

After they left they could see a storm spirit and they didn't want to get to close so it could see them but they were watching from a distance and then it were on the streets of Chicago and it was passing cars and nobody was alarmed about it and than it went it a park and want down a sewer and they didn't see it no more and they landed and nobody was at the park expect them and Leo blow a wistle and he told Pheastus that if you hear this wistle come and find us and he told him to fly until he blew the wistle and they went into the sewer and they walked and the saw a golden bronze door that ad a letter m on it and they knocked on it and it creaked open and they walked in and it looked like a Mall and a lady was waiting for them and she showed around and she could sweet talk she was a princess and her name was Madia and she could sweet talk people like Piper and she tryed to make Jason and Leo fight to the death and then Piper tryed to make them stop and she tryed to sweet talk and it worked and he said that Madia help kill Leo's mom and they started to battle her and she had two golden dragons and when she let them loose she flouted up in a escalater and she was riding up and Piper chased after her and if you looked the dragons in the eyes it could paralyze you and they had to fight them wile not looking and Leo was trying to blow his wistle and Piper was claiming the escalater fast but she couldn't catch here and Madia reached some potions and she was throwing them at Piper when Piper got the same level Madia was at and Piper grabbed and table and shielded her self from the potions and Piper grabbed some potions and was throwing them at here to and they started to mix up and Madia said you killed us all now but after she said that Pheastus burst though the glass roof and he grabbed both two dragons in each claw and throw them in the big cage that they came from and Jason and Leo claimed on to Pheastus and then they saw Choach hedge and the storm spirits were in their cages and Pheastus grabbed the cages and they started to fly and it started to fire were Madia and pipe were and Piper jumped over the ledge and Pheastus caut her on his back and they flow out of the building and the mall exploded and then all of them were getting sleepy and Jason and Piper fell asleep and then Leo fell asleep then the woke up to them falling again.

As they were falling Leo thought to himself that it might be to much weight for Pheastus and leo told Jason they were to heavy for Pheastus and since Jason is the son of Zeus the wind helps him and he can glide threw the air so he picked up Piper and Leo said go I'll be fine and Jason glided off and Leo saw a white manchtion and he was talking to Pheastus and he was beging Pheastus to have a little Shength and Pheastuses eye were flickering a bunch and.p then Pheastus was starting to glide but they were still falling to fast and then Leo blackout. After Piper was trying to wake Leo up and she was crying and Leo sat up and he saw Pheastus in many parts of the yard of the manchtion and Leo screamed "NO" and Piper and Jason had to hold him back and Leo went and he saw the head of Pheastus and picked it up and he said in his head this weigh 100 pounds just by its self and the body weigh 52 tons the eye lights were flickering and Pheastus was creacking his mouth like he was saying something in morse code Pheastus said "not the end not the end" and Leo asked his dad Hepheastus can you take him to my cabin and he answered and Pheastuses head was flowting away.

Then they went in the manchtion and went they were walking up they were traps in the conceit there were nets, lasers, and falling traps and when they were in the manchtion they saw it was all gold in the main room there and there was a thrown so it was a thrown room and then they said that they would go to sleep and they would open the cages in the morning. When they woke up they first let out Choach hedge and he had his weapon over his head and he came running out of the cage and was screaming DIE DIE and he turned around with a crazy look in his eyes and he said who it's you guys and they left the storm spirits in their cage and then they turned around and they saw an old man with a gold tooth brush in this mouth and he looked stunned and he called his son in the room he was in and he came running out with a gold sword and the old man said no not them and he lowered his sword and the old man went to go sit down in the thrown and the younger guy was standing by his side and then Jason saw some golden people frozen in place and then the old said why are you here Jason said we crash landed in your yard and it turned out the old man was King Midas and when ever he touches you you turn to gold and he said he has a river in his back yard and and he said if you use water on the golden people then they will turn back the normal and he talked about how he turned his son into gold and he throw his in the river and he came out good as new and his son said I hate that it hurts. Jason told Choach hedge to go out side and wait for us to finish and he did and they started talk for a little bit and then King Midas said you had to die because you've seen to much and his son was walking up to Jason with his sword out and he said I'll enjoy this. Jason's instincts kick in and he was deflecting his blows and he was saprised the the was still alive and then Jason somened Lightning from his Zeus and he threw it at his son and it hit him 30 feet back and Jason said you better help him up and his son said NO and King Midas touched his shoulder and he turned into gold and then King Midas reached for pipers wrist and grabbed it and she turned into gold and he touched Leo's shoulder and he turned into gold and it was just Jason and King Midas and he tryed to reach out for him and he dodged his touch and then the shandlier fell and planted King Midas to the ground and that turned into gold and he said you can't leave me hear and Choach hedge busted in the door and he had snow, dirt, and grass on his face and Jason said where were you I was in trouble Choach hedge said just getting a snack and then the put Leo and Piper in the river and get then normal and then after Piper they put a towel over her and they went into a cave and started a fire and Leo made vegan burgers .

After they ate they heard a noise and Jason said "wolves" and then they saw some wolves crouding them in the fire light and their wolf leader was starring at them and Choach hedge lifted his club and Jason got his sword out and there leader went in the shadows and so did the rest of the pack and then the pack came back growling but the leader didn't but then they heard a loud growl Piper tryed to get up but she stumbled and she fell and they said stay down and she did then the wolf leader was a man figure and they relized he was a werewolf was long and knifed claws and it bared its teeth and said who are who and Jason slashed it but it went throw it and Piper said only silver can hurt it and the werewolf said smart girl but we will have to kill you all and Jason said I'm the son of Rome and the leader barred his fanges and said okay only you will live and everone else will die but suddenly Leo grabbed a glass bottle and throw it at the pack and it was gasoline and he sumner fire and some wolves yelped and fled into the snow and Leo was burning all of the wolves and then silver and the elder caut it and his hand had smoke coming up and he dropped it and he had a burn make on his hand and then some wolves died from the arrows and some dogs came into the cave and then a girl came in with a parca on and Jason said who are you are you Thalia and she took her hood off and her face looked the same as Jason's and Leo said in his head she is hot she and she said who are you Jason said I am Jason your brother and Thalia dropped her stuff and ran and gave him a huge and said I thought you were dead and she was talking how their mom was terrible and she went crazy when she found out she was dating Zeus and she wanted to go to Olympus and how he left her for being rude he only wanted her because she was a actor and he thought she was cute and her and Thalia were getting into fights all the time so when she was 11 she left and went to camp half blood but she never made it because she saved her friends and she was the barrier that protected camp and after they got to talk Thalia said they had to go and the Jason and everybody else had to go because but Piper was freezing so they had a magic tent and when you go in it looked like a pavilions in side and Piper got to have hot chocolate and Leo wanted some to and on girl said "boys always want in" and then they got out of the tent and prest a button and it set up into a tinny square and one girl put it in her pocket.

After they were running up the hill and Leo asked Jason are you okey Jason said yes and then there was a ice bridge and when they were going across it Leo got to hot and started to melt and then Leo had to get help and Jason had Leo's hand and they were running up the bridge and Thalia was watching them and they made it and Thalia was trying to talk to Jason and he couldn't hear her and she ran to what was happening with her friends and that made Jason think they caut the wolves but they didn't have time to dilly dally they went into the and they went into some sorta wether studio and they had to meat a guy named Obysseus.

He worked at a Olympus wether studio that broadcasted whether that changes every 12 minutes because the gods change the whether from their how they feel at the moment in went from snow to sunny in 12 minutes. His name was Aeolusand he was the weather man and he thought that when Jason, Leo, and Piper got there and was talking to him for a wile he thought he was getting a promotion but that was not going to happen and then he got a message and he said I'm sorry but you have to die and the secretary mellie I'd NO and there was a pit and she pushed them in and mellie was protecting them she was falling with them and some storm spirits got free and they were chasing them and mellie turned into gold dust and the storm spirits ran away and then Jason and everyone else ran and left and California was right next to them so they went there and they went to a coffe shop.

They went to sleep to a coffe shop on the floor and Piper had a dream. Her dream was with he mother Aphroite and she was talking about how she wanted to see her but she couldn't and then they woke up to people having coffe and Choach hedge said I need coffe so hedge had 6 espresso and every body else had small hot chocolate and then Jason said their is were we have to go and he was pointing at a mountain and Jason said that's were pipers dad would be up in those the mountains and so they went and they got a taxi ride by a guy and they got to a hill going up the mountain but the cab driver said there was a problem with his car but Gaea was messing with them and they had to walk up the mountain and when they got to a high point the saw smoke behind a tree and they heard a niose and it was the giant who kidnapped pipers dad and the Giants name was porphyrion and he was going to eat her dad and when he was chanting a sacerid dance and chant and they looked over and they saw pipers dad and he was all bruised up and had two black eyes and then Piper said I'll sneak around and Jason will distract the giant but when Jason when to distract the giant and when he turned around he stopped and he smiled and barred his fangs that he had and he said well aren't you brave and Jason pulled out his sword and then the giant could summon earth born which are monsters that are 7 feet tall and when you kill them they turn into clay and melt into the ground and he summoned like 8 of them and Choach hedge ran out of the bushed but he tripped on a stick and face planted on a log and got knock out with his butt up and his face in the ground but Jason started to fight the giant and then he made a spir apir in his hand and Jason keep on dodging his hits with the spir and Leo was fighting the earth born and his machines that he built got dastroyed because when the earth born pick up some dirt it turned into hard rocks and then Leo was slouching them with fire and they sank into the ground the giant saw Piper running for her dad and said you will die as the rest of your friends and the earth born were running at here but Leo had to get to Piper to save and Leo was running as fast as he could and supprisingly he got there before the earth born and the earth born see fast but he burnt them as well and then Jason cut the Giants ankle and he screamed in pain but the giant had him pined to the ground after getting beat up and he thought to him self and I going to die like this and Jason moved bet he tryed to deflect the spire and then Jason claimed on his shoulders and I his head he said please dad if I could ask for any thing it would be at this moment and then thunder clouds circled where Jason was and a bolt of lightning ripped from the sky and shoot into Jason's back and almost knock Jason out and the giant screamed and everything went silent and there was a creves 30 feet wide and the same amount deep and there was a tare in the creves and when the giant tryed to get out Jason was out of the creves and Jason was slashing at him and he started to fall and the tare in the creves was getting bigger and the giant caut himself and he said how he was nothing compared to his brothers in tarterus and how they will dastroy Olympus and then he slipped and and fell into the tare in the creves and then they saw a helicopter and they saw them and came and picked them up when they got off they had one more thing to do and Piper gave Choach hedge a good by and hedge told the guys take care of her or it will be push up when you get back and Leo okey on push ups and they said good by and pip said good by to her dad and he said monsters I saw monsters and he past out and Piper kissed his fore head and they left.

When they were walking and they were talking about how they were going to save Hera and then it started to snow and then those same wolves were walking twords them and Piper got out here dagger and and Leo got out his hammer out from his magical pouch and Jason had not her because his sword broke and then some storm spirits came trauting in and earth born rose up from the ground and the Khoine appeared and said did you miss me and Jason said were is the wolves leader Khoine said in a cave licking his woendes and the wolves wanted to get revenge on you fore killing some of their pack and then the wolves started to come in so did everybody else and they stated to fight and then a storm spirit ran up to Leo and Leo said you look familiar and he said his name and the spirit knoded it's head in agreement and it seemed happy that somebody recignized it and Leo said let's fight and Leo claimed onto its back and the spirit ran and Leo was starting to kill earth borns every where and then that storm spirit ran up to some others and it looked like it was going to fight some but it didn't and the other didn't like was it was saying and the made that one disappeared into black dust and then Khoine and Leo were starring at each other and adn Khoine was shooting snow arrows at Leo and Leo had made a fire wall and it killed half off the enemy's except the wolves and she keep on shooting that but Leo had blazing fire in his hands and was melting them and Khoine had a look of terror in her eye and then she tripped and Leo was standing right on top of her and he lit his hammer on fire and rased it in the air and said I thought you were hot but she no I am not I am cold very very cold and then she turned into snow and Leo was shocked and he went to go find Hera and she was in dirt and she was and it looked like she was sinking and she was and Leo was running twords her and so was Piper.

Then Hera said he has awaken and then it was rumbling and a creack in the earth became bigger and and giant bursed out and he took a deep breath and opened his eyes and they were pale white and he said I'm alive and then Leo and Piper were trying to get Hera out of her cage and she said the only way to do it is to try and make me sleep and Piper was trying to smooth talk Hera to go the sleep and she was and Leo go a saw and tarted to saw at the cage and it was working but it took a long time and Jason yelled at the giant and he said HEY! The giant looked down and he laught and then Jason said I am the son of Jupiter and he thought that would make him look tough but it didn't and then Jason flowed up only a couple feet and then he was flying towards his leg and she was climbing up his and the giant Haden's seen him do it yet and Jason was going up to his head and he graded his hair and then he got his sword and cut the back of his neck and then he screamed in pain and he throw Jason off him and Jason glided down and he looked up and the giant was grabbing his neck and then he thought it was a good idea to deflect the giant big spire and and then his sword broke and it termed into golden dust and then the giant laughed and then Leo finally broke the cage and then the giant looked and Jason and the look was another time and he started to run off and some of the wolves, earth born, and storm spirits were still there but they were watching Jason fight the giant but when Hera got out she cover your eyes heroes but Jason was late to react and Hera unleashed her real form and Jason was knocked out and all the monsters disintegrated and then they saw that Jason was on the ground.They ran over to Jason and it had passed 2 minutes and then Piper blamed Hera and Hera said do not talk to me like that I was just helping and Piper put her ear up to his chest and she heard heart beats and Piper took a deep breath of satisfaction. After that they got back to camp and Piper went to her cabin and a girl nam e drew was a real butt and she always made people made butt they knew if they tried to fight they would get beat up but Piper really hated her and she wants to punch her and when Piper got in her cabin and drew told her to go tell Chiron why we are Late to break fast and then Piper thought about how she fought all the monsters and Giants and then Piper saw the two people that helped her pack for the quest and then Piper pulled out her dagger and said I have a enough of you and she said when all the campers are at break fast and we will duel and then drew had a studded look on here face like one of here close relatives died but Piper told to go and tell Chiron why we're late late and then drew started to run and then Piper said HEY if you ever try to make a move in Jason so help he i will be your worst nightmare and then drew was still looking at her and she slammed into the door ran out the door and then everybody was in complete silence and then they were yelling Piper Piper Piper! Then they were caring Piper on their shoulders and went to break fast but Chiron told Piper her dad was on FaceTime and she went to Chiron's office and then her dad was on the computer and it wasn't exactly FaceTime it was Skype and her dad got a roll for a movie for a movie and his body guard was coach hedge and his assistant was hedges wife I don't remember her name but she would tell him when he needed to be on set and he only got to talk for 8 minutes and then she had to leave and then she went to break fast.

When she got to break fast they were all talking and then Jason said do you know what happens to Percy Jackson and then Annabeth said I don't know and then Jason said that the Giants are breaking out of Tartarus and then Jason had a stunned look on his face if I woke up on a bus not knowing who I am and ended up here than they same could of happened to Percy and Leo said what do you mean and Jason said that means Percy can't remember who he is and he's at the other camp Camp Jupiter.


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