Upper Class: Class Dances By: georgia witcofski

Every year for mission week all of the grades compete to get first place in their class dances. This year was different from all the others because we had to social distance from everyone else. That didn’t stop us from having a great time in making our class dances. We normally perform all of the class dances in front of the whole school. Since covid is still with us we had to be creative and come up with the idea of recording the dances then show them to everyone on video. It may not have been like any other year but that didn’t stop Mercy. Mercy has accomplished everything that we do for every tradition but in a different way.

Seniors getting ready to start dancing

The seniors worked very hard to get first place for their last class dance which they succeeded. Although all of the other classes did a great job in preparing and recording their dances!

The seniors getting ready to record their video

During the Freshman and Sophomore lunch is when the Juniors and Seniors rehearsed their dances. As you can see above the Juniors were in the gym to practice and the Seniors were in Franey Hall.

Everyone put your hands up!
Cecilia Martinez is the winner of the push up contest!

The Juniors and Seniors may have been competing against each other to win first place. In the end they always congratulate each other for doing their best!

A view from behind the seniors practicing their dances
The seniors starting their dance!
The juniors coming together to finish their dance

This mission week was very different from any other one that we have had in the past. Their were a lot of things that we couldn’t do, due to covid around us. That didn’t stop Mercy from letting their students have a great week. Also, for letting the seniors experience their last mission week which there were many emotions involved! We want to thank all of the Mercy faculty and students that helped make this mission week possible and allowed us to continue to do the class dances.

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