South Texas College Art faculty online exhibition, 2020

Rachael F. Brown, Associate Professor

Associate Professor Rachael Freyman Brown has been teaching at South Texas College since 1997. A life-long learner, she started her post secondary education in the social sciences, and earned a BA in Archaeology/Anthropology (Indiana University Bloomington, 1989). She completed a MA in Art History and certificate in Museum Studies, specializing in curating and education, (University of Illinois C-U, 1994), to which she added an MFA, 2-D concentration (University of Texas Pan-American, 2006). Rachael has a strong interest in guiding students in their discovery of creative talents, and practice of artistic discipline. As a classroom and studio professor, Rachael’s teaching philosophy is that it is vital for students to discover and appreciate their own culture and creativity and that of others. Ultimately, teaching art is most rewarding because art demonstrates that we are united as humans, and paradoxically, expresses our individuality. In this 2020 Pandemic series, I am looking at mundane household items we often throw away or recycle, and allowing them to be 'something' instead of just trash. Some compositions are mostly found, others are arranged. These images might convey a wide array of concepts to viewers -- anything from an environmental statement. to whimsy, to that little kernel of OCD that lives in so many of us.

"Untitled (Pandemic Series 01)," Assemblage of found objects, 12"x12", 2019-20
"Almost like Roses (Pandemic Series 02)," Assemblage of found objects, 12"x12", 2019-20
"Pinwheel (Pandemic Series 03)," Assemblage of found objects, 18"x18", 2019-20
"Almost like Roses II (Pandemic Series 04)," Assemblage of found objects, 18"x18", 2019-20

Luis Corpus, Art Instructor/Department Chair

"It's been like that," Digital, 2020

Chris Leonard, Art Instructor

Chris Leonard/The (Mostly) Upbeat Artist Statement Just what am I making? If I were decidedly effective in my artistic endeavors through action and energy I’d arrive at a sensation of elemental power. The twenty-first century in America, there are so many choices! But are these choices always clear? I seem to find myself meandering off into symbolic meaning, metaphysical speculation, technical tribulations, and contemplative moods. As soon as I answer one question and solve a problem another three or five invariably show up. What I want is a smile on the face, a twinkle in the eye, a healthy glow in the gut, and maybe even a friend to confide in. If I don’t have these things, I’ve decided to make them. Much of my current work seems to explore boundaries; when does the positive connotation of universal optimism morph into the over the top proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free to engage in the addiction and fixation in pursuit of more consumable short term solutions? Whatever you’ve got, I want, if only for a little while.

"Fu Manchu vs Donegal (Mas Aya!)," Earthenware, 6”x4”x4”, 2019
"Cooped Up (Little Pup)," Ceramic/Mosaic, 12”x15”, 2020
"Jerry the Jaguar is Jumping (Tiger Stripes are Looking for Hot Spots)," Ceramic, 12½"x15½", 2020
"No Beer for You Here Seven Deadly Sinning/Cheshire Cat Grinning/Non Award Winning/Dollar and Cent Spinning Border Wailing Bollard Bottles," Earthenware 7, up to 14”x2½”x2½”, 2020

Phyllis Leverich, Assistant Professor

The images in "Seasons at Red Creek" were taken in Gypsum, Colorado during the winter and spring of 2020. I used slow shutter speeds to capture the movement of the water, in various states of freeze and thaw, as it rushed down from the mountains over the stones of Red Creek. These images have minimal color with emphasis on a broad range of tonal values. In them, the viewer will find the rhythmic patterns of repeated elements and contrast between movement and stillness.

"Red Creek 01," Digital Photograph, 2020
"Red Creek 02," Digital Photograph, 2020
"Red Creek 03," Digital Photograph, 2020
"Red Creek 04," Digital Photograph, 2020
"Red Creek 05," Digital Photograph, 2020

Tom Matthews, Art Instructor

"Blackboard Chapter 1," Digital Print, 8"x10", 2020
"Blackboard Chapter 2," Digital Print, 8"x10", 2020
"Blackboard Chapter 3, Chapter 4," Digital Print, 8"x10", 2020
"Blackboard Chapter 5, Chapter 6," Digital Print, 8"x10", 2020
"Blackboard Chapter 7," Digital Print, 8"x10", 2020

Heaven Mendoza, Art Instructor

"Maceta de Talavera," Digital Illustration, 14"x14", 2019

Scott Nicol, Assistant Professor

"Palimpsest I," Encaustic, ink, graphite on vellum, 12"x24", 2020 [Left]. "Palimpsest II," Ink, carbon, beeswax, on vellum, 12"x24", 2020 [Right].
"Untitled I," Ink, conte, wax, vellum on birch, 18"x24", 2020 [Left]. "Untitled II," Graphite, conte, wax, vellum on birch, 19"x29", 2020 [Right].

Pedro Perez, Art Instructor

"Black and Yellow Poison Dart Frog," Oil on canvas, 20"x48", 2020
"Red Eye Frog," Oil on canvas, 20"x48", 2020

Eduardo Quintero, Adjunct Faculty

I was born and raised in McAllen, Texas. My artistic influences range from Raphael to Rauschenberg. The draftsmanship of Raphael was what lured me to drawing and eventually into painting. Drawing is very important in my work, as is the mixing of images like Rauschenberg. Los Tres Grandes, Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siquieros, and Jose Clemente Orozco have influence my work and the Chicano Muralist of the 70’s whose work was used to educate the masses of socioeconomic injustices. I received my Bachelors of Fine Art (Studio) from the University of Texas Pan American in 2005. In 2011 I received my Masters of Fine Art (2-D) from the University of Texas Pan American. In addition to my MFA I also earned a Graduate Certificate in Mexican American Studies, which opened my eyes and gave me the background to talk about socioeconomic problems that plague this area. I am currently an Adjunct Faculty at South Texas College and at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

"Dorothy (Purple and Copper)," Collage and acrylic on canvas, 16"x20", 2020

Richard Smith, Art Instructor

I am inspired by flatness.

"Strike," Oil on paper, 32"x26", 2018
"Ocean #5," Oil on paper, 30"x25", 2016
"Ocean #6," Oil on paper, 31"x27", 2016
"Ocean #7," Oil on paper, 28"x26", 2017
"Ocean # 10," Acrylic on paper, 33"x24", 2018

Sarah Tamez, Adjunct Faculty

"Winter Ritual," Digital Photography, 11"x15", 2020
"Still Life with Mangoes," Digital Photography, 10"x6", 2020

Melissa Terry, Adjunct Faculty

"From That To This, From This To That," Yarn, thread, coffee, aida cloth, wooden hoops, 14"x18", 2020

Carl Vestweber, Adjunct Faculty

My work explores my interests and experiences as an artist, husband and father living in the 21st century. My current media ranges from illustrative drawings and paintings to anthropomorphic cat art and abstracted dot collages. While the materials of my work may vary, the colors, themes of playful interaction, family, contemporary culture and power structures overlap and represent my experiences and understandings of the world around me.

"Untitled Poppies Diptych (Day & Night)," Collage on Board, 40" x 30", 2019
"Untitled (Orange and Violet)," Collage on Board, 11"x14", 2019
"Untitled (Violet and Orange)," Collage on Board, 11"x14", 2019
"Untitled (Green Line)," Collage on Board, 11"x14", 2019