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Low Poly Self Portrait

Low Poly Technique Self Portrait

Low poly technique used to make a self portrait in Illustrator. The challenge here was to determine the size and orientation of the triangles. The face is a symmetrical poly and the rest - hair and upper body asymmetrical to add interest and give more lively appearance. The color of the background was inspired by the new Pantone colors for 2017 (in particular 17-1841 TPG), matching the color scheme of the face. Software: Adobe Illustrator CC

Hang Tag

Endangered Animal Hang Tag

Custom die cut hang-tag for a plush toy—proceeds of which go toward preservation of an endangered species trough the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). An anthropomorphic character of the selected animal was developed and textile cultural motif was incorporate in the design. Represented here is the vaquita - a marine mammal similar to dolphins but smaller found in the Gulf of California, Mexico. The character was given some human characteristics to make it more appealing to the targeted audience (children and their parents who would purchase the plush toy). Software: Adobe Illustrator CC

Exploded Product View

Exploded View of a Personal Drink Mixer

The purpose of this technical illustration is to show the product assembly to the potential customers focusing on advertising of the product. Also this illustration can be used in owner's manuals and other advertising materials. The challenge here was not only to keep the correct dimensions, but also to make the product look realistic by applying transparency to the bottles. The apples aid in showcasing the clear plastic. The background is kept neutral and simple, making the product more prominent. Software: Adobe Illustrator CC

Graphic Standards Manual

GSM Front Cover
GSM Back Cover

This is a graphic standards manual booklet for Crucible. In the past (2006-2009), the group ran design competitions (forms, websites, print and magazine designs, television adverts, etc.). After not operating for several years they’re opening their doors again, and expand to a market in San Francisco. Having this GSM will assure maintaining consistent branding across multiple offices in different parts of the country. A square booklet - 6.25 in x 6.25 in. is easy to hold, it is small enough to keep anywhere, and big enough for the purpose. Software: Adobe InDesign CC

Product Label

Pecan Pie Vodka Label

Created bottle labels for a local distillery. "Seventy Eight °C Spirits", Inc. located in Raleigh, NC re-branding their product - Pecan Pie Vodka, made for a limited run at Angus Barn Restaurant. The owner considered prepping it for ABC store sales. For this design I considered a clear label consisting of front and back parts. I chose a gender neutral and eye catching label that is modern and appealing to the consumers. Software: Adobe InDesign CC and Adobe Illustrator CC

Logo Design

Logo for a Computer Technology tutoring/learning center located on Wake Tech Community College, Raleigh, NC campuses. I chose simple and contemporary designs that would stand out but that will also easily incorporate the existing Wake Tech logo. The colors that the client suggested were the same as the Wake Tech logo. Software: Adobe Illustrator CC

Logo Design 2

Logo design for Teddy Rox rescue and animal protection foundation needed to bring awareness of the company and branding materials. The concept was bold but clean design and bright colors making the logo visible and easily readable. Software: Adobe Illustrator CC

Mobile App Design

App Icon

Create an APP for a mobile device and design an icon/logo and the interface. Present the product using a PDF file with explanation of each screen to show the full functionality of the APP.

The client is a newly opened catering business in Cary, NC serving the busy people of the city who wish to have a home-made Bulgarian cuisine meal for different occasions or just for lunch/dinner. The app is called "Taste of Home". Bringing memories from childhood when Grandma cooked at home, customers can enjoy healthy and hearty meals in the convenience of their home or office without all the hassle of shopping and preparation/cooking. Software: Adobe InDesign CC and Adobe Illustrator CC


Front page
Back page

To boost the newly opened catering business I have created this mailing card for "Taste of Home". Imagery and colors follow the concept from the web site and app designed for the company creating cohesive and recognizable branding face. Software: Adobe InDesign

Book Cover

A book cover (front and back) design with an interesting or humorous title for an empty 100 page book. Printed on A really challenging project, first - to come up with ideas and second - to come up with a design for the idea. Software: Adobe InDesign CC and Adobe Illustrator CC

Thank you your interest!

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