Kelly Denton- kdentsxo- 41- Journey Log #2- Warrior- Openness and Flexibility

Everywhere you turn I can guarantee that you will see something about the Kardashians. They're all over social media, magazines, even the news has stories about the notorious family. Still to this day, I'm not quite sure why they're even famous.


People love to watch the Kardashians because of all the drama they bring. Their reality tv show is accurately named because its near impossible to be able to keep up with all of their antics.

I'm open and willing to see why people love to watch their shows and follow their social medias but I've never been able to feel the same way. Maybe it's my cynical view on life but when I look at them, I don't see anything that I'm jealous of.

The amount of styling tools and resources this girl has!!!!!

There have been a multitude of rumors about each member of the family regarding body enhancement surgeries, yet people, especially young girls, are dying to look like them. I must be the only one who believes these rumors and thinks that none of these celebrities are even real anymore. At one point they were probably naturally beautiful people. But now, they have a full team of specialists to make them red carpet worthy every time they walk out of the house! When I see a perfect picture of a celebrity, I don't see a normal person because I've changed the way I look at them. I use flexibility so that I can remember that it's impossible to look the way they do without the amount of money and resources they have. It's not worth being jealous or obsessing over their bodies and all of their fancy clothes or cars. I will never be like them and I'm happy about that.

Kim Kardashian

When I read the monster story about half and half creatures I didn't immediately make the connection to celebrities, but when I sat down to write this, the idea came to me. Celebrities are half and half creatures. Half human and half something else entirely.

Centar from Chronicles of Narnia

Magazines make celebrities out to be like everyday people going to the gym or the grocery store. But you can also turn the page and see women in dresses that cost thousands of dollars and jewelry that costs triple that amount.

I do believe that some celebrities are more "human" than others, but they are still half human and half celebrity. They will never be considered normal people and the average person will always be jealous of them.

Actress Shailene Woodley protesting

We also did a reading about why we like horror. We discussed that it's possibly because we're all little crazy and that is why we like to scare ourselves with horror. Another reason was that we see something of ourselves in horror. We create monsters based off of our own fears so maybe that's why we feel so invested in horror.

The Woman in Black

I think the same can be said for celebrities but in a different way. The average person loves to hear about celebrities because they want to see something of themselves in them. They like to know that they aren't perfect so they believe every word in gossip magazines. To some people, celebrities can even be motivation for how they want to be and live their lives. For example, people will look to celebrities for fitness motivation.

I like to think that I have a set view and don't allow myself to get sucked into the world of celebrities, but there are some that I actually do like. Like Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence, for example. I'm always going to love them and their personalities. When there are negative stories about them in the tabloids, sometimes I'm a little biased and tend to not believe them. But hey, I can't be perfect...after all, I'm not a celebrity!!

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