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Shanghai means "City of the Sea". It lies on the Yangzi River Delta which is where China's main waterway continues it's way into the Pacific Ocean. Dated all the way back to 5000 BC, Shanghai was only known as a small fishing village. Later, after the first Opium War, the British named Shanghai a treaty port in 1832 which led to foreign involvement

The war of Opium lasted from 1839 until 1842. The Quing government eventually became corrupt because of how powerful the British were.The war ended with the Treaty of Nanjing which led to the opening of 5 Chinese cities, including Shanghai. Once people started to move there, they weren't required to follow Chinese laws, so they created their own governing councils. In 1845, the British established their concession.


Shanghai has been known as the country where "east meets west" in China. There is a large amount of agriculture ranging from traditional Chinese, western colonial and modern magnificence. There are a huge amount of temples located throughout Shanghai. They have blended the Chinese and Western cultures and made them into the culture that Shanghai has to this day.

The people who have been living in Shanghai for a long period of time still continue to follow the different types of practices and lifestyles like...

  • Practicing Taichi
  • Martial Arts
  • Local Dances
  • Attending Oprahs

The younger people that live in Shanghai don't have any specific customs like the elderly do. They do things like...

  • Go shopping
  • Work
  • Go to bars and nightclubs


Shanghai is located on the eastern part of the Yangtzi Delta which is almost halfway along China's eastern boarder. It boarders Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces to the west of them and Hangzhou Bay which is south of them.

Since Shanghai is located near bodies of water, it causes there to be a lot of mud and sand into their area. The city has a higher coastal area in the east and a lower hinterland on the west. Plains cover most areas in its middle and east part of Shanghai which includes the inner city. There are a few amount of hills and mountains but they are most common in the southwest part of the country.


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