A Match Made In Heaven By Architects

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

2016 | Metal

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“Sorry son, but we destroyed your home. -- We murdered your family, now you're on your own. -- Collateral damage, face down in the sand. -- Watch the dominoes fall, it's all just part of the plan."


  • The album hit #109 on the Billboard 200.
  • Architects hail from Brighton, East Sussex, UK and were formed in 2004 by twin brothers Dan and Tom Searle.
  • This is the band's final album to include founding guitarist and primary songwriter, Tom Searle, who passed on due to cancer.


Luke Tatum

While this generally isn't my preferred style for vocals, this song works well. We've had a good share of songs this year focusing on violent revolution, and this takes a fresh approach: "We've been down this road before; Cold blooded retribution; So fuck your revolution." A sober analysis, indeed! This is my view on the "boogaloo," or whatever we end up calling it by the time it happens. (If it happens.) If we fall low enough to start "cracking a few skulls,"--as Lew Rockwell would call it--then we have lost the moral high ground. We can't institute an era of peace with a foundation of violence.

Sherry Voluntary

I really liked this one.

"You chew up peace and spit it out as war. You've been feeding the wolf that's waiting at the door. You are rotten to the core. We found your fingerprints all over the trigger. If you're looking for tyrants, take a look in the mirror"

That’s part of the problem isn’t it? The politicians also believe their own propaganda. They actually think that the US Representative Republic is what holds society together, so even if they do “look in the mirror” for self examination, they most likely don’t see that they are monsters.


Nicky P

Sadly not everyone gets to have this moment. They know on some perfunctory level that government is all that great but it's the best they can conceive of because it's all they know. This song is about the moment when you realize it's not incompetence alone that drives the poor decision making our government seems to be responsible for. They know what they do. It's planned. All the collateral damage is part of the mission. Those deaths are on American consciences, or they would be if government by design didn't attract and filter people without such trifling human characteristics.

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Nicky P