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The Montgomery bus boycott started in 1955, and was held in Montgomery, Alabama. African Americans had to give up their seats on a bus if a white asked for it, due to bus segregation. They got tired of this happening, Rosa Parks, a woman of color, refused to give up her seat on the bus, and ended up getting arrested. This was just the start, they had decided to start protesting by not going on the bus at all. Rosa Parks and many other intended to end segregation on transportation. By doing this, the bus companies and government loss money, because they weren’t give their money to on the bus. This was the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

This is the bus that Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white.

What was the purpose?

It was obvious that the purpose of this event was to end segregation on transportation buses. The reason Rosa Parks did what she did is because she believed, a long with others, that they deserve their rights, they shouldn't have to give up their seat to a white when they ask. They're plan was to not spend their money n the transportation buses because they wanted to show how important immigrants and African Americans are to the country.

Who was involved?

The most important person involved was clearly Rosa Parks, if it weren't for her arrest the protesting and boycotting probably would have even happened. Another person who was involved was MLK, Martin Luther King. He decided in 1954 to accept an offer to become pastor o f Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Because of being a spokesmen, he utilized his leadership and forged a distinctive protest strategy.

Obstacles faced/ overcome

For awhile, because of the boycotting they had to walk, which is a obstacle but they over came it in the end because they ended segregation on buses. The bus companies and facilities faced bankruptcy and economic problems because of the boycotting.

If this never happened, today would be a different day. We have may never had equal rights or ended segregation in that matter. The economy wouldn't be doing good, lots protesting and many other things. The Montgomery bus boycott is one of the most important events that ever happened in history.

From this video, you can tell now that it wasn't just Rosa Parks, this happened to many other women and men. Joana Robinson a professor, for example, was beat badly because of bus segregation, then shortly after Rosa Parks was arrested. So, there are way more stories then Rosa Parks, the reason we point out her's is because her arrest actually did something.

BLM, also known as Black Lives Matter, was a recent protest that first started July 13, 2013. The protest was about police killings and boarder issues. This relates to the Montgomery Bus Boycott because it all has to do with segregation. Both of these events includes people of color and others wanting their equal rights, which makes people protest. This is very similar to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, but instead of it being on the bus, it has to do with people crossing the boarder and policing killings.

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