Notes from the President District Update | June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day!

I hope that all are having a wonderful weekend and finding time to be with family and friends with the stay at home order lifted.

Supporting Students Through July 31

Please remember that our faculty continue to provide weekly Focus Group virtual meetings to stay connected with all of our students and to help our students stay connected to one another. Our faculty also continue to be available to supports students who are working and pushing forward to achieve credit in winter term courses. Students will have until July 31 to demonstrate proficiency and earn credit in their winter term core classes.

An important note: Teachers won't get automatic notifications when you hand in assignments from past terms. You'll need to notify them that you've submitted that work, so they can review it.

Fall 2020 & Reopening

Recently the Governor expressed her expectation that schools will resume this coming fall, and that the State's return to school committee is meeting and expected to provide additional information to all K-12 districts by the end of the month.

This past week I shared our initial plan with our Leadership Team and communicated out district guidance to our faculty. Please see our plan overview by clicking the button below.

As I previously shared, we are preparing to run a hybrid schedule for our students.

  • Student on Schedule A - Attends in-person classes on Monday & Tuesday and participates in live streaming classes virtually on Thursday & Friday.
  • Student on Schedule B - Participates in live streaming classes virtually on Monday & Tuesday and attends in-person classes on Thursday & Friday.

We are also preparing so that families/students may choose to remain fully online/virtual if desired and needed.

Additional planning and preparation for this coming Fall...

  • Daily health screenings will happen for students and staff prior to being allowed to enter a school building.
  • Access to offices and common areas will be severely restricted.
  • Directional indicators and foot traffic flow management will be in effect in all common areas and hallways.
  • The College Prep and Early College will be providing more school-level details based on district guidance noted in our plan.
  • We will be following CDC guidance for contact tracing, quarantining ill students/staff, and school closure due to COVID positive illness.
  • Plans for 2021 graduates will be set early this Fall to ensure we are support these students.

If interested I encourage you to review the six key areas in our plan. Please keep in mind that we must be flexible and ready to modify our plan in the event State guidance requires us to do so. I will continue to update our community we receive additional information and as we get closer to fall. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions - shane.malmquist@jacksonpec.org.

District Financial Health and Security

I imagine that many of you are aware of the expected school funding cuts over the next couple of months and the upcoming school year. Districts across Michigan are facing a $600 per student reduction over the summer months, and a second reduction to be determined this fall. Current projections are approximately $600 to $800 per student reduction.

I am very proud to say that in the face of this uncertainty and financial fear, JPEC remains stable and secure. While any state funding cut is a negative for all students, we are able to fall back on our past years of conservative budgeting and planning and find solid ground. We are in a strong enough position that we will have no layoffs, we will not need to reduce any salaries, and will not need to modify any programming in any significant way. I am very grateful for our forward thinking team and CFO, and for our Board of Governors' conservative approach and wise planning. It is amazing that during turbulent times, JPEC is able to remain steady and consistent, and focused on our Falcons!

- Shane A. Malmquist

College Prep Message

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads in our Falcon families! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Sunday together.

I'd like to congratulate all of our students and families who persevered during a very challenging time to successfully complete Term 2 during the stay at home order. Your hard work and dedication is commendable. Students really buckled down to tackle material and worked hard to reach proficiency/mastery in their core subject areas. Parents and guardians did the same, often while figuring out how to work from home themselves, and juggled it all to help their children succeed. I am proud of all of you and grateful for your dedication.

For those students who are still working, keep it up! You can do this! Please know your teachers, Mr. Llerena, Mrs. Yonnick and myself are there to support in any way we can. Please continue to use the time between now and the end of July to complete your assignments and earn credit for your classes. You can do this!

I cannot say enough to express how thankful I am for our teachers and the work they have done. They miss you all terribly and are really looking forward to seeing you all face to face again in a couple of months.

Again, enjoy this Father's Day weekend! Take care, Falcons!

Ms. Debra Holton

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