The Divine Good Life Performance


On January 20th, my friend and I went to the performance The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt. Having prior knowledge from the study guide provided by our professor, we came in assuming that what would be shown would more or less reflect what we have read. Michaud was emphasized throughout. However, a great part of the beginning was taken to give us a better background on Talbot. Overall, I immensely enjoyed the play and having my friend with by my side made it even more enjoyable.

Spatial Experience

(From left to right: Me, Angelica Alejo) Permission was granted by Alejo to use the picture seen above. Before entering the Constans Theatre.

We waiting in anticipation to enter the theater that both us have never been in before. Having been to a high school play once in my life, I had no clue how different this experience would be. Entering the auditorium I was surprised to see that much seating in such a vast auditorium. Honestly looking at the size from the outside did not correlate to what I saw inside. This attributed to my experience as it was an additional factor that amazed me about the play and everything in general. The theater was freezing cold which may have affected my experience in that I had to place my arms beneath me in an attempt to warm them and so forth. Location-wise, I sat in the middle row in the middle so I was able to see everything with ease, enhancing my experience. I think that the action of dimming lights in whatever situation causes the general population to quiet down. So when the lights dimmed in the auditorium, loud voices become soft whispers which is always quite interesting to see how a simple occurrence can influence such a large number of people. I believe that the place you are situated in is a factor in good life as it affects how you feel and how you develop. Generally speaking, I have lived in Florida all my life and am accustomed to high temperatures and humid weather. It would be hard to suddenly move to somewhere north like New York and deal with cool temperatures and snow. A place you have spent a while in gains more meaning than those you barely are situated in. However, when entering a place you have never been in makes it an experience you will never forget. This is the case for this performance in the Constans Theatre.

Social Experience

My view of the stage.

I initially attended the play with one friend. However, when going in, we ran into a mutual friend and the three of us all sat together. Prior to the play, I got ready with my friend regarding the rules given to us on how to dress up. Hence, I wore a button up black polka dot shirt, jeans, and nice shoes. To replace my school bag, I brought a smaller bag instead. Seeing the play with friends made me feel comfortable with my surrounds a lot more. Going to a place I have not been before may at times cause me to feel uneasy, but having the company of familiar people relinquished that. However, a stranger sat by my right as we had to fill in all seats but I was allowed to get the armrest we shared, which I was elated about. This relates to the good life because with the company of people you hold close to your heart, it can lead to better experiences. Friends can affect you in many ways and having them during activities like this helps the activity become more fun and more than just a requirement to do for a class.

Cultural/Intellectual Experience

(From left to right: Sara Marigomen, me, Angelica Alejo) Permission was granted by Marigomen and Alejo to use the picture seen above. During intermission of the play.

Regarding the era that the play occurred, in the early 1900s, I did not really have prior knowledge on how people dressed and controversial issues for that matter. Hence the play helped me realize the importance the church had in everyone's lives at the time and how art was questioned and looked down upon. I feel that the issue of questionable art is still a problem today. It may be in different forms and aspects but the issue is still there. Nowadays I feel (for example) that nudity is in question: whether it be art or not. I think the play allowed me to not take the simple things for granted. Things that we have now would be an abomination in the past. Additionally, I believe that the play made me question what I would do in Michaud's position. If I absolutely loved something, in this instance theater, would I deny myself of it just because I higher power told me to? It is safe to say that I would have gone Michaud's path and not follow the priest's orders. No one should stop you from being able to love what you love and do what you do.

Emotional Experience

(From left to right: Sara Marigomen, me, Angelica Alejo) Permission was granted by Marigomen and Alejo to use the picture seen above. After the play.

This play allowed us to see different perspectives in one sitting. Michaud became self aware that those that are poorer than him are not because they wanted to and are ignorant, but are there because they have to be. They are an oppressed group that wishes to be given the opportunities and riches that he has. In addition, though during that time women were used as workers and such, the play assisted in giving women some sort of empowerment. Bernhardt was able to become famous as a female actress and even played male roles. I was able to see the play from a third person point of view and watch people's lives unfold before me and at the end of the day, walk away knowing that the experiences I have lived through were not my own. Therefore I am glad.

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