Adobe Education Session 3 - The Final Frontier

With Tim Kitchen and Steve Nichols from Adobe.

Here's the link to type in to review content in past sessions.
Today's order of events

Spark Video

Can be accessed through the Cloud App

Spotlight on Spark in the App

However it can be accessed through a webpage!


It's insanely easy to use! I've managed to run 2x Year 7 groups with Post and 2x Year 8 groups with Video through this log in process.

The focus is solely on Spark Video for this.

It's super scaffolded. My Year 8 students really enjoy this, even though I'm not an English teacher.
It has a very simple and clean layout. It threw some students off first, because it wasn't cluttered.

There is a handy collaboration tool with easy assessible tool to share.

This is the voice over recording button. The opportunity that this presents to my students that have trouble presenting their work for other subjects.
Royalty free sounds. Yes please! Students were really particular about what sounds they wanted to include in their work.
Themes is how you change the look and feel of your content.
Short clips are better and can be edited before being inserted into your Spark Video.
Using this play button in the bottom left, will play the whole Spark presentation as is.

There is a range of exporting options. Downloading as an MP4 or even creating a shareable link.

Here's the example that Tim made live during the Session:


Premiere Rush

If Premiere Pro is too much, then Premiere Rush is your next best solution.

It is compatible between Desktop and iPhones. 100% works both ways. Value added bargain with Cloud Storage solutions.

Key visual indicators are consistent through products.

Gotta name it in the bottom left.
Additional information and resources can be found here
There's even sample media and resources available. Even numbers the order of events to make it more streamlined.

Edit = Editing

Share = End of the process.

Plus button will help guide with adding additional content.
Assets bin will help keeping all needed content in the one spot, even if you delete from your timeline and scrub bar.
Clips are easy to move around.
You have slightly more control over muting and isolating particular clips in your edit
There is a wide range of overlays, including titles and graphics. That has some edit functions - like changing the text colour.
The edit functions in more detail.
Audio and sound effects have been added recently. Each audio sample that gets 'add'ed to the project, gets it own audio track.

Steve remembers that there is 4 video tracks and 4 audio tracks that can be utilised.

Voice overs can even be included.
Adobe Sensei at work determining what sort of audio is being using. Eg. Music, spoken word
Auto duck. Available to auto-adjust the soundtrack to make any spoken word elements stand out. Quack!

Auto reframe for cross-platform content makers.

And you can share it out across a variety of ways.

Adobe Aero

Augmented reality iOS devices app

Hitting that Plus button will allow the app to start identifying the workspace and experience.
This dinosaur is pretty cool and behaviours can be added to it. Pressing the plus button, you can add more content to the staged area.
Some basic programming is behind the scenes. Reminds me a bit of Scratch.

You can make your own assets using Photoshop's 3D capabilities or even Adobe Dimension.


Inject Creativity Live

Adobe Creative Educator Program - Level 1 - Creativity in Education

The contact form: http://bit.ly/adobe_contact

Other Education Events

Blogs with Khan Academy: https://blog.adobe.com/en/publish/2021/05/05/bringing-creativity-into-any-classroom-with-khan-academy.html#gs.1325mi


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