Arduino Progammable Microelectronics

Who had invented this program? Massimo Banzi invented Arduino in 2005 and since then has used this to teach people how to use programmable electronics. Arduino has been used to make simple creations, such as an LED cube, to more complex things like a tank. The invention was brought to life first in Ivrea, Italy. From just a project, Massimo Banzi had created a widely used computer coding system. The program is used to write and upload computer code to a physical board.

Massimo Banzi
Created By
McKibben Colin 2021 Student SMS


Created with images by dullhunk - "Internet Enabled Fishtank by Hayden Kibble at Manchester Maker Faire using Power Mac G5 case" • decoded_conf - "Massimo Banzi @ decoded conference 2010"

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